Monday, 15 February 2010

The Harbingers of Spring - February Blooms on GBBD

Well its that time again the 15th of the month and it's Garden Bloggers Bloom Day in my Scottish garden  so come on into my garden for a little walk  ...
Overall the garden  is looking rather bleak with lots of winter damage on the evergreens.  But if you look closely at the garden plants there are little jewel blooms starting to break free from the winter doldrums.

Febuary blooms

Container Planting

A lot of my blooms this month are from my container planting.  Where would we be without containers especially at this time of year?  Nice and cheerful to greet all the visitors and lovely to look out on from inside in the heat!  You can read all about looking after containers here: Tips on having the best looking containers and hanging baskets in your neighbourhood.

The blooms in the above photo come from the Tete a Tete Daffodils, Primrose Heritage and Hamamelis Orange Beauty.  A friend suggested I place the orange leafed Libertia also in the pot to draw out the colour from the centre of the heritage primroses.  That would have been a lovely choice but I think that all of the orange leafed Libertia in Scotland died over the winter as so far I have not been able to source one locally. To keep the pots looking fresh I continually change the tete a tete's to fresher ones every few weeks and plant the ones that have finished flowering in the flower borders.

winter flowering plants
winter flowers

In other containers I have Hamamelis Diane underplanted with Primrose Spinx Apricot  and Primula Wanda. You can read about my other Hamamelis here which are in flower just now too.
primrose flowers
Primrose Sphinx Apricot

witchhazel flowers
Red witchhazel streamers

primrose blooms

I have over 80 pansies, blotch mix, pure yellow and blue marina and out of all of those only 2 are showing any sign of flowers.  No amount of encouragement  to  bloom on or before the 15th worked!

In the Garden

Sadly the snowdrops in my garden need a few more days of sunshine so didn't make it into this months post.  But elsewhere...

Pulmonaria rosea

You'll notice that there are 2 types of pulmonaria in the collage -  one with spots and one without spots on the leaves.  The Pulmonaria 'Rubra' (without spots) is a quick growing and very early spring flowering type which is very valuable to me at this time of year as it has a great show of colour.  It spreads well so its great to share with others.  It has moved house 4 times with me, sadly its partner 'Blue Ensign' never survived all the moves.  The other Pulmonaria (spotted) was given to me from an old garden so I am not sure what variety it is though it readily seeds all over the garden.
Hellebore lenten rose
Lenten Rose
 I have a few hellebores in the garden and would like to grow some more of the named varieties as mine are from old gardens and unnamed. Above is the only one in flower just now.

I have a little patch of Cyclamen 'Coum' growing in the shady part of my scree bed.
cyclamen coum
Cyclamen coum
cyclamen coum macro
Cyclamen coum

I couldn't garden in Scotland without having white erica heather in the garden along with the rose coloured one too they make a great show in early spring.  I also have a tree heather starting to bloom too.  You can see native heather in bloom in these photos - Carpet of the Highlands.

winter heather flowers
Scottish Heather

Buds and Blooms to come

Lots of hope and promise here 
winter flowering plants
winter flowers
winter flowering plants 2
winter buds

Finally............Down by the lade

Perthshire native Snowdrops are blooming, coloured catkins are dancing in the breeze and furry catkins (pussy willow) are emerging from naked stems.

Scottish snowdrops
Alder catkins
Willow cakins | Pussy Willows | Salix

Well that's it for this month and I hope you enjoyed your little stroll in the garden and down by the lade.

Thanks for stopping by today and I would love to hear from you.  Please feel free to leave any questions or feedback in the comments section.

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Rosie is a passionate wildlife gardener in Scotland, a Perthshire / Tayside flower and garden photographer and writer.  She enjoys soaking up nature in her own garden and is easily distracted from doing the weeding by anything that buzzes, creeps, crawls or flutters. She enjoys sharing the beauty of creation through her photography.

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Oh my gosh! You say at the end 'well, that's it...'. That's it?! Wow, you've knocked my socks off with the variety and quantity of your plants in bloom! All fabulous, and now I'm a bit jealous, I have to admit! Haven't put up my post yet, I will do that by tomorrow. Jan

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Your blooms are wonderfully coming out again, and the marvelous photos tell us they are very well cared for. I only know a few in your collection but i also love all of them. However, pansies are really my fansy, i only saw them in reality for the first time in 2005 in Sweden, and so smitten with them.

BTW, i replied to your suggestion of ethylene producers in the bag with tillandsia in my site. That is certainly a beautiful idea to tinker in the lab! thank you

Dear Rosie, You must be absolutely thrilled with so much coming to life in your garden at the present time. Your containers by the hall door look so welcoming and must give such pleasure to visitors arriving as well as to yourself.

It seems that at last the gardening year is getting under way.

Well, what can I say.
What a lot you got already.

Scotland is obviously the place to be this early in the year.
Down South in England we have nothing like that out. No pulmonaria, no hamamelis, no snowdrops open.
What's a lade ?

I love snow drops and primroses they are looking very pretty. great post having so pretty blooms.

Lovely presentation. I love the flow of colors. Many promises this Bloom Day for a glorious Spring.

Lovely collection of flowers, and they are artistically displayed! ~bangchik

Hi Rosie,
I think we are probably on about the same weather ticket. My garden is about at the same place yours is. We have an abundance of hellebores and are hosting our 2nd annual Hellebore Days this week-end.
Do you have reticulatta iris? If not, you should get some. They bloom now and are great colors (purples and blues) with the daffodils.
Your post is lovely (as usual) and I can't wait to see what you write next.

Beautiful color combinations with the Hamamelis planters, especially Diane and company:)

aloha rosie,

what a celebration for bloom day, i love the collection at your front door way and i also like the pussy willow photos you captured today...what a nice collection you have blooming today. I enjoyed reading your beautiful post today:)

Great pics as always. I particularly like the cyclamen bed, they look perfect against the nuetral greys. Is that the edge to a pond there you have then in?

Rosie, your photos are so wonderful! And there's so much variety in your garden! Love the blooms in the first pic. I can imagine how your spring photos will be:)Gorgeous!

You have put me to shame. I have hardly anything flowering and you are all the way up there in Scotland with a vertible bouquet of blooms. Love the idea of the witchhazel in the pot - might pinch that idea, hope you dont mind

Jan thankyou for the lovely comments hopefully by tommorrow I'll make it around everyone elses posts for GBBD.

Hi April thanks for poping over to see the garden again - I used to remember going with my grandad to pick the pussy willow branches for vases. Yip we sure do have something more special to look forward to.

Andrea I've been brought up with Pansies. I used to pick them and press them and make pictures with their pretty faces. I hopefully will get over to your site in the next few days.

Funny thing is Edith I don't get that many visitors - the post man certainly has a colourful welcome each morning!

Joco rhubard! welcome over to LnB - I thought the S of England would have more in bloom than us - normally you are 6 weeks ahead of me.

Muhammad Khabbab thanks for visiting - so far my Jasmine has not started flowering properly and I know you like that one.

Nell Jean thanks for visiting me on GBBD and I really do like the colours of the bedding this year.

Bangchik thankyou for the compliment.

Deborah we are having a Hellebore festival in the next few weeks. I do have Iris reticulata but it hasn't poked its wee head through the soil yet. My daffodils are shop bought rather than grown in the garden so the ones in the garden are just about 1 inch above the ground.

Hi Melody I like the combination aswell.

Hi Noel glad you enjoyed the post.

and I hope to visit all your blogs over the next day or so to see what you all have in bloom

I enjoyed the stroll round your garden Rosie.
It certainly sounds as if you have had a harsh winter. Hamamelis 'Diane' is a beauty. Is she highly scented?

Rosie, I'm overwhelmed by the variety and number of blooms in your garden. In my northern Canadian garden there is no sign of horticultural life anywhere.

Rosie, thank you for that taste of colour, I really needed it!

Beautiful post Rosie! Your montages and portraits are stunning. Well done! ;>)

Hello there Rosie, what a wonderful display both in your garden and in your posting. Very nice, love the montages :-D

Now, the strangest thing here is the level of growth you have there. For a garden that I’m guessing is just a little North of mine you are way ahead of me. I’m guessing you must be in a sheltered spot :-)

Wonderful to see you taking part in all the Blogger memes. Your contribution will go down very well I’m sure. You’re certainly part of the blogging community now! Enjoy :-D