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Lemon Stardust and Netty’s Pride Liliums in planted containers

As I look at the beautiful array  of bulbs  in my local garden centre I find it very hard to resist walking away without buying some. They are such a colourful cardboard tapestry of blooms.  I just can’t ignore the beautiful flowers on the fronts of the packaging.  There’s so much choice and its like being back in a sweetie shop  from childhood days figuring out what to choose (Candy for my “across the pond “readers).  I always liked the toffees, bonbons and clove rock as they lasted longer than the soft centres.  Longevity is what I was looking for in a sweet  and this year its going to be the same with my bulbs for summer flowers.

Ffestin Sweetie Shop 


I really would like to find a source for Martagon turncap lilies as these were the first lilies I grew as a child in my own garden.  My grandad had huge clumps of yellow ones  in his garden and the little bulbils were so easy to establish in my garden.  I might just wait till Autumn time to try to find these in the catalogues as I have not seen them in my local garden centre. I loved those blooms as a child.

lily bulb .
I’ve started the Lilium collection with  some packets of each variety as they only come in  twos so I am going to need quite a few  of the same varieties to have  impact in the garden.  I’ve seen a few more in the garden centre that I would like  and I must get them bought quickly as the choice might not be as good later on as the Perthshire gardeners awaken  defrost from their winter hibernation.  Alot will depend on their final height as I don’t want them too tall.  I also want to buy them without the weak stem growth showing in the packets as they need to grow good strong roots before they even think about growing shoots.

Lilium  Lemon Stardust

Lilium  Lemon Stardust 
Even the name of this variety sounds like the name of a sweet.  It grows to 28 “ , has a lovely dark centre and flowers around June/July time.  It needs planted 6 “ deep in compost or soil is from the asiatic family.

Lilium Netty’s Pride

Lilium Netty’s Pride  
I loved the colour of the blooms on the packet and thought it was quite different to other lilies and would be good subject to photograph.  It  grows to 28” and flowers also around June/July and needs to be planted 6” deep too.  Its supposed to be fragrant as well and also quite a recent introduction to the asiatic family.

I’m growing these in deep pots and keeping them in the garage till the weather improves. Once growing outside they will need their heads in the sun or light shade and their roots nice and shady.   
freshly planted lily bulbs in containersI don’t like the pots but I can provide better conditions for the bulbs there and the pots are light to carry and won’t be seen in the borders once all the other perennials have grown around them.  I can cover the compost with a mulch of pebbles to keep the roots shaded and can move the pots under the eaves of the house to stop the worst of the winter wet getting to them in the autumn time.   At least if they are in a pot I can bring the pots into the garage during the worst of   the weather.   
All my other lilies have been grown in the garden.  I  am not sure if the ones planted last year are even going to make it through this winter as this is the worst one for 30 years.  Even though my soil ph suits lilies very well as its on the acid side – it does get waterlogged in some places  during the winter so I think if I want longevity and some decent blooms I am going to have to keep these growing in pots. 
So how do you grow your lilies -  in pots or in the ground?

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Rosie is a passionate wildlife gardener in Scotland, a Perthshire / Tayside flower and garden photographer and writer.  She enjoys soaking up nature in her own garden and is easily distracted from doing the weeding by anything that buzzes, creeps, crawls or flutters. She enjoys sharing the beauty of creation through her photography.

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My sweetshop favourite were sherbet lemons - even if they did rip the tiop of your mouth raw... :)

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Hi Rosie,
Loved the Lilies and the comparison to a Sweet Shop. Lilies are one of my favorite plants. My favorites are the very tall trumpet lilies that are so fragrant. I have some Asiatics that look very similar to your 'Lemon Stardust' but it's called something differant here. I also have Turk's Cap Lilies (Martagons) but mine are orange, not yellow. Must see if I can find the yellow ones.
As always, I was very excited to see that you had a new post up on your blog.

What pretty lilies! I've thought about growing them in pots, but have never tried. What a cute picture of you as a little girl.
I tried to comment a couple of days ago on your previous post, and now I see there was an issue with the comment form. I thought it was me :) It was interesting to learn that the MPs were called Snowdrops.

Netty's pride is stunning, I can see why you'd want to grow it. I don't have any lilies planted here, well, except for a volunteer that pops up year after year. Seems to be some sort of Tiger lily, no doubt planted by the prior owner, but I have no idea what it is!

Magnificent flowers! Mine is over at flower town page.

The Lemon Stardust is just stunning with it's vibrant colors. I do hope you are able to find the lilies you enjoyed as a child. I think the flowers we grew up with always hold a special place in our hearts.

G'Day, Love this post, you are a real gardener,I wish I had some land to dig into.I have another blog friend over in Scotland she is on my blog side bar under "Wildlife gardener" have you come across her?

Hi again Rosie, it looks like you are posting daily, so diligent! Maybe lily is contagious as many of us posted it for Blooming Friday. But maybe Katarina should give a prize to the best conformance with her theme for the week! What about that Katarina? BTW, we dont have those varieties here. To reply to your question, i just keep the bulbs on the ground, rain or shine, day and night, i just forget about it! There is not watering, no digging, no nothing, and they still produce beautiful flowers when the first rain after summer comes. Aren't they adorable.

Hi Rosie - I love lilys too - Netty's Pride is gorgeous - I'm a particular fan of the deep coloured blooms and leaves - they add something of depth to the colour of plantings. Have a lovely weekend - Miranda

Lilies are such elegant flowers and your selection today is great! Real eye-candy!

no stretching it here girl at shared gardening with us...showed us a flower or two...and did exactly what you were supposed to...shared your garden memories with us! thanks so much for joining in...I do hope you find someone to get you some of those lilies!

What a fun post. I can not resist bulbs of any type. I have thousands on my property and I know there will be more in the future...Most of my lilies are planted in the ground, but we are in zone 4, so I do have some that cannot handle the cold in pots.

Rosie, I only have a few lilys, they are mostly Regale, a very beautiful white. I also have some unnamed red and yellow, that I got free from work, but your new ones look beautiful. I might have to invest in a few this spring.

Thanks for the welcome and the compliment, Rosie! I love seeing gardens and nature in other parts of the world and I'll drop by here again! ~Jain

We do grow lilies here for sure (in the ground, with no problems from scarlet lily beetle), and i'm just mulling over what to add to my collection. More orienpets for me; I love their fragrance and bright colours. I'm not crazy about asiatics because although they have great colours they have no fragrance, although like you I've read about a couple that supposedly are fragrant. Here they come on a month or more before the orientals and orienpets, though, so I do grow some, plus one yellow turk's cap type. But it's the fragrant ones that have my heart.

i grow lilies in the ground. My favourite are the trumpet lilies although they are only borderline hardy and it is expensive replacing them all the time. I love your comparison to the sweet shop, makes me want to go shopping for sweets.

I love lilies but they rarely bloom in my place except for Blackberry lily which is of-course a iris family.

My garden is 100% a container garden and so, all of them are sitting in a pot. Currently I have some rainlilies and some bulbs which had not bloomed for years and have no idea what lilies are those.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Lovely to meet you, Rosie...thanks for introducing yourself on my blog :)

Plant catalogues enthuse me over the Winter, as I dream of new planting schemes...I am like a kid with my nose pressed up against the sweetie shop :)

I enjoyed looking at the video of the creation of your garden, the frost on your planting and the build-up of the snow this Winter :)

I am also making my way through your other blog :)

I look forward to catching up with you on my once-a-month visit around Blogland :)

Oh, what a sweet little girl ;-) I just started really noticing lilies on other blogs and there was just so many beautiful varites that I just fell in love with. So I planted a whole wave of them last fall along the woods bed. I cannot wait to see them bloom (if I can keep the deers away from them). I like your idea of putting them in pots and moving them about.With so many different weather conditions wee have to get inventive and that idea should work. Cannot wait to watch them progress until they bloom for you.

Hi Rosie! That old picture is precious!
I love lilies. I grow them in my flower beds and in containers. Since this winter didn't have brutal cold nights, everything survived in the containers left outside behind the garage. I love lilies for their look and because they produce more and more bulbs.
Happy March to you!

Oooooooh - isn't 'Netty's Pride' a delicious colour Rosie and scented too. What more could you ask for? I love their scent in the garden but find them overwhelming in the house. Pots for me:)

Thanks to Sue, April, Cindy,Catherine, Curbstone Valley, AFV,Dragonfly Treasure, Noelle,Linda May,Andrea,Miranda,Katarina,Tootsie, Alea, Deborah, Jain,Amin,Jodie, Melanie,Lona, Tatyana, A Wildlife Gardener,Borboreta, James and Anna for all your great comments and suggestions. I too am glad that you liked my choice of lily and I'll do a post later in the year to let you all see what Netty's Pride looks like and if it has any scent at all.