Sunday, 14 March 2010

Spring springs forth with Perthshire blooms

Spring has sprung down in the leaves ‘n bloom garden for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.  It's not a massive show of bloom throughout the whole garden – just the parts where the rays of welcome sunlight pierce the cold ground with an intensity of heat encouraging those little shoots from the spring bulbs to break free, spring forth and bask in the glorious sunshine.  This year the garden is 3 weeks late in producing these blooms.

crocus flowers
Crocus flowers

snowdrop Galanthus nivalis
snowdrop macro

Corylus avellena Contorta
Corylus contorta
The catkins are springing loose from all  their twists and turns  here
hellebore flowers
Lenten Rose

Primrose Emily flower
Primrose Emily

winter aconite blooms
Winter aconites
Iris Reticulata blooms
Iris reticulata

and as for crocus are you ready?
Spring crocus

stripped crocus

cream crocus
Purple crocus
Yellow crocus
I hope that has brought a little ray of sunshine your way today!
Other plants are still in flower in the garden that featured last month and in January are:
  • 4 Witchhazels - Jelena, Diane, Pallida and Orange Beauty
  • Cyclamen coum
  • Pulmonaria rubra
  • Skimmia rubella
  • Viburnum Eve Price
  • Various pansies,
  • Tete a tete daffodils bought from the garden centre for container planting
  • Various primroses bought last month for container planting
  • White and pink erica heathers
  • Winter Jasmine

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Rosie is a passionate wildlife gardener in Scotland, a Perthshire / Tayside flower and garden photographer and writer.  She enjoys soaking up nature in her own garden and is easily distracted from doing the weeding by anything that buzzes, creeps, crawls or flutters. She enjoys sharing the beauty of creation through her photography.

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Yes yes yes! These are wonderful, though I did pout a little at the aconites, which refuse to do for me here thanks to my clay. I'm still a few weeks from all but the snowdrops (and hellebores), but I'm grinning from ear to ear at yours. Hurray for spring springing. Even if DST makes me all muddled for a couple of days.

All so beautiful ... but I do love the crocus photos! Fantastic to see Spring has popped in to visit!

Dear Rosie, A lovely sequence of images. You must surely feel now that the garden year is starting for you.

Very beautiful flowers Rosie, the more i get envious. But i love the crocus most.

The Hellebore is stunning.

So wonderful flowers!
I like it too!

What a lovely Spring post, Rosie. I can't get over how (relatively) advanced Spring is in your neck of the woods. Here in South Wales there were few daffodils for St David's Day. Things are moving on slowly - we walked round the Wetland Centre on Sat. and although we didn't spot any baby birds, a family of goslings was apparently in evidence.

Just wondered if you or your readers might care to read my Spring (puffin) poem... which is competing in a Spring Fever contest. We are encouraged to invite folk to read/vote/comment on a favourite piece. All other poems can be accessed via the link, too.

Sorry, only the first of those livelinks seemed to work properly...

I must say, I'm especially partial to freesias - they return so faithfully and scent the entire garden! Your photographs are lovely - thanks for sharing!


Your pics are stunning. A feast for the eyes and a great longing for the spring !


I went over and voted for you and left a comment. Hope you do well in the competition. I missed you blogging over the last few weeks. I'll catch up with you on one of your blogs. Rosie :)

@jodi (bloomingwriter) Jodi we don't do DST till the end of the month - or maybe its next week - can't remember and it is confusing for a few days isn't it. Knocks my sleep pattern right out. It won't be long until all the snow has melted from that yard of yours.

@BernieGood to have you here Bernie - and I know you too love taking photos - you have some great selections on both of your blogs.

@Edith Hope Its getting there Edith. I know its still just not there yet once I start seeing little weed seedlings growing then I will know that its time to get out and about. By that time the evening should be brighter.

@AndreaHey you've got some precious little beauties in your garden too - you can grown orchids outside ! now thats something I would love to do.

Beautiful photos of beautiful flowers! I love the angle on the second shot.

@LunaThanks Luna - you've got some lovely collages over on your nature blog too.

@32˙NorthI like them too only so many places sell them without scent these days.

@Hélène GlehenBonjour Helene - so glad you liked my flowers - you have some beautiful roses over at your place.

@ColleenThanks Collen - that was me lying down and looking up at the snowdrops that are on a slight elevation.

Spring is sure showing her colors in your flower beds. Such cheery blooms. Well worth the wait. Makes you smile just to look at them.

Thank you, Rosie, for your very generous comment on my puffin poem. I love Northumbria (was a Newcastle student) - but have yet to see Puffins there. We were on Holy Island for a day last summer... The call of the curlew over the sand flats round the causeway - quite indescribable!

Incidentally, it was good to see your Corylus Contorta photo with its 'twists and turns'. I took a couple of pix of this extraordianry specimen at the National Botanic Garden of wales over the w/e.

That second one is just gorgeous. Love the crocuses, too!

@CoastcardCaroline I'll pop this over on your blog too and it was further south than Holy Island. The tide was coming in and we couldn't drive across the causeway to the Island but I want to go again sometime. Remember the story of Grace Darling and the lighthouse - the islands where the puffins bred are close to that lighthouse.

Farne Islands, a very special place indeed. Only 2 miles off the coast of Northumberland, this group of low lying Islands, the largest of which are Staple and Inner Farne, are the breeding home to tens of thousands of puffins, thousands of kittiwake, arctic tern, eider duck and guillemot, hundreds of razorbill, In the waters surrounding them an estimated 2,000 Atlantic grey Seal.

Love your photos, Rosie ... especially those iris reticulata.

@Jay Thanks Jay - I just wish the light had been a bit better when I took the photo.

Wonderful to see these spring blossoms.

Rosie: Very nice to meet you as well! So we are neighbors list in
NBN and Blotanical.
I still have not mastered finding my way around Blotanical.
Spring is such an exciting season don't you think!!

@Naturegirl It really is - and this spring I appreciate it all the more - so much looks so dead and burn't just now - I am looking forward to seeing fresh green growth.

Beautiful blooms Rosie, it rather makes me want to plant crocus again.

You sure did bring so much sunlight into my day. Gorgeous flowers, and I love the way you lay out the pictures..

Fabulous pics - love the blooms!

beautiful flowers and beautiful photos...hopefully after all this rain and some promising warmer weather on the way, we'll have them real soon.

Thank you for sharing your lovely Scottish blooms! We are now enjoying Springs flowers, this is one of my favourite times of year. Greetings from Vancouver Island. Michelle

Beautiful one.

Have a lovely day.

Your spring blooms are just gorgeous. I've tried crocuses and daffodils in my own garden, but they simply don't thrive in our Southern California climate.

The flowers are so gorgeous! I've never seen them in my country before.

Just what I needed Rosie. It's raining here today, everything is covered in a layer of frozen, slippery snow and absolutely nothing is growing.

@Curbstone Valley Farm You could plant them inbetween some of those fruit trees youre planting just now.

@Icy BC Thanks IcyB - I do like working with collages

@Evelyn Howard nothing quite like having the camera on macro to get up close to those blooms

@ShelleI never realised how late spring blooms were for some gardeners

@Michellethankyou and as for your blooms you are weeks ahead of my garden

@Reginathanks Regina for coming over to see my blooms all the way from the Phillipines

@camissoniaso many things you can grow that I would love to also - we can just enjoy each others photos instead.

@Jama I didn't realise that you would not have these blooms in Singapore - it must get too warm during the summer months for them to survive

@Melanieoh boy - is it still like that - I would be cracking up - I am so grateful for the tiny amount of bloom I have here in the garden but the rest of the garden sure looks bleak.

Gomphocarpus is the name of the green balls that you asked about on my mosaic....had to type it first before I forgot how to spell it. Love your blog and thanks for visiting Thoughtfully Blended Hearts!!!

WOW wow WOW these are all fantastic! Nothing is out here yet, although I'm sure it will happen soon. LOVE your wonderful, colorful blooms!

Beautiful!!! I wish we had spring here already!

Lovely light in all your photos Rosie! How many sweet spring blooms you have!! Beautiful cheery photos!! Happy Spring! ;>)