Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Hellebore Haven of Blooms

There’s one hellebore in my garden who is older than I am and I’ve been meaning to introduce you all to him for ages.
Hellebore Deweys White
He’s unnamed but a cherished spring flowering plant.  He once grew in my grandads garden and on all my travels from one new garden to another a little piece has always followed me and spread his roots.

In my Scottish garden it has seeded and  those seedlings flowered this year for the first time.  I call those seedlings “Deweys White” in memory of him.
Hellebore Deweys White

My mum also has a few clumps of his hellebores in her garden as well.  This is one of her clumps – in the back garden the spots inside the petals are green while the clump in the front garden have red/pinkish spots just like mine.
Hellebore Deweys White parentage
From my mums back garden

My mum painted this picture of one of his hellebores and the painting greets all my visitors in the front hallway of my home.

 .Hellebore painting
Hellebore seedhead 
The hellebore season is ebbing away in my garden.  Colours that once were so bright are now taking on touches of sepia and some turning distinctively  chocolaty in colour. With seed heads that look like daggers bulging with their wares awaiting the day when they will scatter their offspring around the garden.

 Below are my pink orientalis hellebores in the garden. They share the garden along with a few white hellebore nigers and  two burgundy ones.

Hellebore Pink Orientalis, Hellebore Anemone Picotee and Hellebore Tutu
Hellebore Pink Orientalis,  Hellebore Anemone Picotee and Hellebore Tutu

I just love the striking foliage from Hellebore Winter Moonbeam (you would know for sure that one of its parents was a sterni type from the lovely marbling on the leaves). 

Hellebore Winter Moonbeam
Under my silver weeping pear tree

.                                                                                                                                .
Just now mine are awaiting their yearly top dressing of organic fertilizer.  
I have loved viewing  the different hellebores this spring on all of your gardening blogs and this year I would love to add a double flowering type to my collection.
Have you any hellebores on your wish list?

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Rosie is a passionate wildlife gardener in Scotland, a Perthshire / Tayside flower and garden photographer and writer.  She enjoys soaking up nature in her own garden and is easily distracted from doing the weeding by anything that buzzes, creeps, crawls or flutters. She enjoys sharing the beauty of creation through her photography.

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Your grandfather's hellebore is quite beautiful Rosie and must be most special to you. I don't have any left on my wish list now but do want to have a go at sowing some Ashwood Nurseries seeds this year :)

I love your granddad's hellebore - plants with history are the favorites in my garden. A double queen hellebore is on my wish list.

Lucky you having a piece of your grandfathers hellebore. My nana snowdrops have followed me from house to house.
I am always up for more hellebores, they are all on my wish list.

I love that these Hellebores were once tended to by your grandfather. I rather wish I had some of my grandfather's roses, some of which I know were older than me. The clump of Hellebores in your Mum's garden is just lovely, and her painting is beautiful too. I really should look into planting some Hellebores here. I'm sure we have a perfect spot for them here somewhere.

I never knew hellebores could be so beautiful! Those are wonderful photos, and I love your Mum's painting. It is great that you have such a great story and memories to go with it.

After viewing your blog I do have hellebores on my gotta have list. Your pic and post are wonderful. Mama and papa hosta came from Pats mom. They moved with us from Chicago. jim

Rosie, I have never grown hellebores, but having seen yours and others' this spring, they are definitely on my wish list for the new shady flower bed that i will begin developing this summer. -Jean

That Hellebore is a no nonsense,.. he has seen all. ~bangchik

What a treasure and memorable post. I am a lover ... this beautiful post touched my heart. Each garden, so unique, wears 'our heart'!

Rosie, I had no idea Hellebores could be so beautiful! - I have just the one and I have never seen another around here. What a treat to see how they can look!

Never thought one can actually have a plant older than oneself.

Love your hellebores - pity I can't grow any in my region.

Rosie, The painting your mother did is splendid~Oh to have such talent and what a delightful welcome to your home.

You are more then welcome to post wildflowers from a nearby garden or wildnerness. It's all about showcasing how lovely they are! Glad you will be joining us.


Those are beautiful!! The only hellebores I ever see here are very plain. I didn't think you get such colourful ones!

Your photos are wonderful! This one is a beauty.