Its all in the eye of the beholder!

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While in Lady Stormonts butterfly and wildlife garden on Thursday afternoon I spotted so many of these beautiful Peacock butterflies. The gardens are open to the public if you are visiting Scone Palace here in Perth. Their favourite flower seemed to be this large yellow Inula daisies.  I’m not sure which variety it is but it could possibly be Inula magnifica as its about 4- 5 feet tall.


Peacock Butterflies

peacock butterflies on yellow daisy inula flowers

I know every bird of the mountains, and everything that moves in the field is mine. ~ Psalm 50:11


Inula magnifica blooms at Lady Stormonts Butterfly garden Scone Palace


Up until Thursday I had only seen one Peacock butterfly all season and none at all in my garden.  Edit to add that since I’ve been gardening today there have been four peacocks in my own garden!  Anyway back to Lady Stormont’s garden …I had nearly given up seeing one this year. I thought that our harsh winter had killed all the adults that were hibernating. But thankfully that hasn’t been the case as this garden was full of them.
You can see that Peacock butterflies have a very distinctive eye pattern on their wings. These markings fool predators into thinking that there are a pair of big eyes looking back at them. Hopefully that will scare them off and give the butterfly time to flee.

Peacock butterflies on an Inula flower bloom


Its all in the eye of the beholder. Isn’t God’s creation just amazing!

Rosie Nixon
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Rosie is a passionate wildlife gardener in Scotland, a Perthshire / Tayside flower and garden photographer and writer. She enjoys soaking up nature in her own garden and is easily distracted from doing the weeding by anything that buzzes, creeps, crawls or flutters. She enjoys sharing the beauty of creation through her photography.

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34 Responses

  1. These butterfly photos are breathtaking, especially the last one.
    Thanks for this amazing contribution to macro Flowers Saturday.
    On the other hand, you've spoiled my day again by remembering me how much I want to take butterfly photos but I never even see one.
    Have a easy day weeding and deadheading, don't overdo it!

  2. Beautiful series Rosie – the macro photo is otustanding!

  3. Wow!! I have never seen the butterfly or the flower, but either are impressive, and both together simply breathtaking!!!

  4. Such a magnificent creature … and your photos are brilliant!

  5. I love peacock butterflies! I really like the angle you got on the one in your photo here,

  6. What a great capture. Marvelous color.

  7. Hi everybody – just in for a bit of lunch (but have not got time yet to visit you all yet as I'll never get back to gardening again!) and edited my post to read that 4 peacock butterflies have been in the garden since I first published this post. I think word must have got out to them that they had to show their faces or else……… lol

    Leia – your comment is in the reflections post now as I've started approving the comments now rather than word verification as one spammer got through last week even with the verification being on.

    Oh Maia I hope you get to photograph a butterfly soon. I only started seeing this butterfly when we moved here.

    Thanks again everyone 🙂 Rosie

  8. The flowers a beautiful, but that butterfly outshines them all.

  9. That butterfly shot is amazing. The clarity is incredible. In the first shot it seems as if he/she is looking at me.

  10. great shot – i've never managed to get a good shot of a butterfly so am envious.

  11. This… These are really beautiful shots. Incredible… Thanks you so much for sharing them.

  12. Those are amazing macro shots especially the butterfly in red and black! How nice!

  13. Great shot. I snuck a peek at the peacock photo you took a couple of posts down. Theme for the week?

  14. Beautiful snap. It looks as if the butterfly is obliging you.

  15. It so much beautiful Rosie. I love yellow flowers! I'm putting this blog on my list. I like blogs that are clean.

  16. It's such a great butterfly shot!
    Thanks for stopping at my blog today, to answer your question, I haven't been to Tollymore yet, but I'm gonna put it on my list to see 🙂

  17. What a beauty! I love butterflies. I hope I have that kind in my garden.

  18. WOW! Such stunning color…just love it!

  19. lol, yeah you have to watch out when you publish them…word catches on fast. this is an exquisite capture…the colours are beautiful…and i've never seen the flower or butterfly before.

  20. Wow!!!! Very colorful! This is one great shot!

  21. Such magnificent little creature! I'm amazed looking at your photos here, they are awesome shots.

  22. That is one of the most beautiful butterflies that I've ever seen!! The colors are so vibrant and the way it stands out from the flower. Amazing!!

  23. really great
    I like the colors

  24. Oh my gush this is an awesome shot!! Happy Monday!

  25. FANTABULOUS captures! I love flutterbys!
    My daughter told me the other day that she read somewhere that those 'eye' looking spots on a flutterbys wings is to make predators think they're larger than they actually are, therefore, it scares them away!

  26. Just breathtaking, Rosie! Catching butterflies is a hard thing for me!

  27. Hi Ya
    wow what a beatiful macro shot, gorgeos detail,stunnig shot,sue.x

  28. Beautiful colors and details in these images! Amazing indeed.

  29. That is the most beautiful butterfly I've seen! Amazing capture!

  30. I love the photos and I love the butterfly. I failed at taking a photo of the Peacock butterfly. 🙂

  31. Both you and I had to wait the hole summer and at last we got the photo!
    That make me smile.
    Have a nice day.

  32. That last image is incredible…what beauty and details!

  33. I thought the first shot was great and then I saw that last one! Breathtaking!!

  34. I've never seen a peacock butterfly in person, but would love to. He is a beauty. Nice shot!

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