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Feed Scrapers ,Splogs, Copyright and Plagiarism

As I've said before the only feed scrapers that I tolerate on this blog are the original ones.  By that I mean the wildlife that freely roam in this part of scenic Scotland!  Now I know that it's not that pleasant when some of them make impromtu visits our gardens.  Some of them can cause plenty of damage like our local Roe deer, Grey herons and rabbits.  You can always tell where these locals have been as they leave plenty of visible evidence behind of their visit. At least with the wildlife there are certain things we can do to try to deter them.  Feed scrapers  leave evidence behind too but it's just knowing where to look for it on the Internet trail and knowing how to deter them! 

Wire Above the Gate 

Scottish wildlife Roe Deer

  Netting over the Pond

Grey heron on banks of River Almond Perthshire

Unlike the local wildlife who sometimes breach garden boundaries to 'scrape' for food for survival  these scrapers steal your blog posts to try to build links for their spam splogs or for making some quick money for their affiliates or AdSense accounts.  Then there are others who steal your images or hotlink to them and by doing so steal your bandwidth. Plagiarism, fair use and copyright mean nothing to any of them.  

Hand picking, beer traps or encouraging the birds to have a feast on the splogs slugs and snails.

slugs and snails

Metal squirrel proof feeders rather than plastic ............... and maybe even a little vaseline 

squirrel antics climbing up metal pole and raiding bird feeder

Many of you know me from being one of the team at Nature Blog Network and a few weeks ago I was asked by Wren to write a detailed post on copyright and plagiarism. We had been alerted to the fact that one of the blogs on our network was in fact just a combination of scraped material stolen from other bloggers.  I can tell you that it didn't take long for that blog to be swiftly removed from our directory and then from Wordpress.

Scottish fauna Grey squirrel in my bird box

Grey squirrel stealing bird food

If you are interested in how to combat these scrapers start with putting a message like mine at the bottom of each of your posts - but if possible go to your settings in blogger and from settings go to site feed and change your feed from long to short and save.  But there's lots more you can do too.

Grey squirrel 2 chewing on fat ball netting

Today my blog post has just been published over at NBN and it's full of lots of useful information. There are resources listed for those who use Blogger, Wordpress and for those that host their own websites.  I would suggest bookmarking the post for future reference.

Feed scraping/illegal rip/web harvesting is something we cannot prevent but it's a lot easier these days to find out if your original material has been scraped and what to do next.  

Forewarned, forearmed; to be prepared is half the victory!
Miguel de Cervantes

Click on Copyright and Plagiarism to find out more. 

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Rosie is a passionate wildlife gardener in Scotland, a Perthshire / Tayside flower and garden photographer and writer.  She enjoys soaking up nature in her own garden and is easily distracted from doing the weeding by anything that buzzes, creeps, crawls or flutters. She enjoys sharing the beauty of creation through her photography.

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Wow! Such great info to prevent all types of theft. Ha. I will need to bookmark and return. Thank you.

Great post, love all your animal shots too.

Hi Rosie - am impressed with how well informed and up to minute you are with all the scams that blight the blogging world. Thank you for this - and so beautifully illustated too

Oh that cheeky squirrel! At least now if there are teeth marks on our weather station, I'll know who to blame ;) Maybe I'll need a baffle for the pole LOL. As for blog protection, it gets frustrating sometimes. Seems the scrappers are almost always one step ahead. I do link back, use low res images, and keep an eye on site traffic. I really should watermark photos though, and am off now to register with Copyscape is only of limited usefulness. Thanks for the tips, and have fun keeping that squirrel at bay!

I always think 'oh, that won't happen to me' but I suppose I really need to be more aware. Thanks for the info.

Thank you for the information. I always had a doubt about some blogs.

The snails look really good in your photos. :) Great post, of course.

Your animal shots are wonderful and they seem too beautiful to be part of the ugly side of scraping.

Thanks for all the information. I never even considered protecting my blog against scrapers. I will definitely do something about it now.

I had already read your other post. Good to have all that info together.

That last image of the squirrel feeding puts a smile on my face Rosie. They are tenacious creatures!

And I will check out the posted link - thanks for the info.

Hi, very helpful, thank you..

Thanks for the alert - I'm going to look into it . . . (Thanks for stopping by my blog!)

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