Vacancies at the New Lacewing Biodiversity Hotel

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 lacewingWe’re opening a biodiversity hotel pending site surveys in the easterly part of the garden  once the weather improves  in the beautiful rolling countryside down by the Lade. Its not just any sort of hotel its 5 star luxury accommodation all made in natural cedarwood.  We’re very picky around here about our clientele and all the Green Lacewings in Perthshire and beyond are very welcome to set up residence.
 Lacewing eggs
We’ve got a great holiday (lifetime) package for all you Lacewings.  We are going to be offering free board and keep from about August 2010 onwards but until then the leaves‘nbloom garden can offer a great daily banquet on condition that you lay your lovely eggs in the garden (about 300 per lacewing would do nicely rather than American express or visa)  and allow your little ones <cough> larvae to roam freely in the garden  where they can feast on our lush greenfly (that’s the chef’s speciality by the way)   (Lacewing eggs in picture to the right)
We’ve got a special menu already planned for the children and each larvae can eat as much as they like but based on past customer surveys  we recommend that you get them to eat between 1000 and 10,000 aphids while you stay with us. The more the better!
lacewing Larvae Menu
and the adult menu
lacewing adult menu
All this will give you adults the energy needed to produce even more eggs in the romatic settings of the Leavesnbloom garden.

Catch of the Day – LacewingsGreen_lacewing_larva

The children larvae will be encouraged to dress up in camouflage  and play hide and seek every day – there will be plenty of bark, moss and the dead bodies of aphids (their previous victims from the day before!)  provided ready to be added to the sharp spines on their backs so that they can sneak up on their prey and catch them unawares.

Check in Time

inside lacewing hotel Once August comes around the Hotel will open its doors to you all where there will be freshly laid straw to shelter in (not sure if pheromones will be have been added to the straw)  and to help you find your way to the rooms/chambers the Hotel will be placed outside near a direct source of light since we hoteliers  know that you lacewings are attracted by the light.

Our Guarantee

leavesnbloom lacewing hotel We give you the guarantee that the garden is chemical free and if the leavesnbloom garden temperature drops down to extreme like it did this winter then your gardening friend ‘Rosie’ will move the Hotel into the garage until the weather improves.
Don’t forget Great deals  at the Lace Wings Hotel. 
Book through Rosie with instant confirmation.


2010 Update

Well after a long winter interlude a site survey finally was carried  out and the lacewing hotel was placed in an easterly position  away from the prevailing wind on the bottom fence on Thurday 8th April 2010.

lace wing hotel


Many of the  Perthshire  green lacewings will now have  great winter lodgings  and it may boost their winter survival by about 90% as so many die each year due to lack of suitable shelter.

Update 28th April 2012 

Since the hotel was first opened we had the worst two Scottish winters since the 1960’s. Perthshire wildlife really struggled to stay alive and no lacewings were seen in the garden during 2011 despite  being seen in the local area in previous years.  This year I’m hoping that things will be different as there are lots more signs of wildlife in the garden compared with last year.  We didn’t even spot a 7 spot ladybird  in the garden during 2011 while this year I discovered their hibernating spot in the front garden and every day it’s not hard to find a ladybird in that area.  Hopefully this year I’ll find a  few lacewings in the garden!  In the meantime you’re welcome to G+ this post.

lace wing insect


As I was walking along the Lade one day I finally found a lacewing and thankgoodness that I had my camera with me at the time! I loved its little beady eye watching me as I took the photographs.
lace wing insect
Rosie Nixon
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    Rosie, such a delightful post! I'll open one too here in our garden in Oregon. 😉

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    My husband would love the lacewing hotel. Long ago, he raised them for our garden. I am always to happy to see their tiny eggs at the end of the tiny hairs in the garden.

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    Oh how wonderful! I have never seen such a nice resort like this before. But we have ordered lacewings and sprinkled the eggs, or whatever it was that came in the sawdust at the feet of the rose that was covered in aphids. The next day, every aphid was gone, vanished! Those are some nice guests, that can clean up like that in the garden. 🙂

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    Moonstone Gardens

    I've never heard of a Lacewing hotel. How wonderful! We have Mason Bee houses and Birdhouses, but will definately have to add a Lacewing Hotel to our "development".

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    I am sure all the lace wings are making vacation plans right now.No doubt many will enjoy their stay so much that they will decide to stay permanently!

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    Delightful and clever Post!! Lacewings are such wonderful guests… did I hear you are selling franchises Rosie? Great photos. ;>)

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    Delightful, and what a great way to attract beneficial insects. I hope you get lots of bookings 🙂

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    Good Evening Rosie: Great imagination nice post.

    Enjoy the evening, see you again,

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    Oh, I hope the lacewings respond to your excellent marketing strategy! Catering to the specific needs of the guests is a surefire path to success, I'm thinking.

    Adorable post. You made me smile, Rosie. 🙂

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    Jeri Landers

    We don't have a luxurious lacewing resort here in the Hollow, but we have some mighty nice, rustic ladybug cabins with indoor plumbing and fresh meals available all day long.

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    Rosie, thanks for visiting my blog and for your competition entry. Also thank you for introducing me to your blog – it's wonderful. I hope the lacewongs appreciate their new home 🙂

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    Hi Rosie, looking for a little advice if you can help? I have a green lacewing in my bathroom right now….November, and Aberdeen! I believe they don't usually come this far north? I only found out what it is after searching the net tonight. Is there anything I can do for this little gem to try to help it through winter? Its about to get very cold outside. It seems to like the bathroom, but will have nothing to eat in there! My conscience is shouting at me to help the wee beauty 🙂 many thanks. Rhona

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    Rosie Nixon

    Hi Rhona

    Usually they like to hibernate in amongst a pile of leaves. If you don't want it hibernating in your bathroom all winter then I'd find a spot in the garden that is south facing and sheltered from strong winds. I'd make a pile of dead leaves and carefully place it in amongst them. Maybe even have a few old bits of bamboo canes there too in case it wants to crawl inside. But you'd need to make sure that the canes were off the ground to keep it away from the rain.

    You could also leave it where it is in the bathroom as they don't eat during the winter months and are hibernating. Hope that helps 🙂 If you're on facebook you could take some photos and share them on

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