Flower Pom Poms from Acacia dealbata – The Mimosa Tree

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Fluffy yellow pom pom blooms with a delicate perfume and the most wonderfully shaped leaves is what I’m showcasing today on leavesnbloom.  It’s a spring flowering plant that needs somewhere very sheltered to grow outdoors in the UK or else indoors here in Scotland.

Acacia dealbata – Mimosa Tree

Acacia dealbata Mimosa Tree
I don’t know if its hot loud or proud but it certainly is tropical, exotic and Mediterranean to me as it can only be grown in a conservatory as a houseplant here in NE Scotland but probably very common the rest of you.
Yellow Pom Poms
You’ve heard of Japan’s cherry blossom flowering date maps  during the Spring well Acacia blooms have their own Spring Mimosa trail.  Its an 80 mile route in Southern France called  La Route du Mimosa where the slopes, hills, valleys and gardens are laden with  blossom between January and March. There are also many parades and a Miss Mimosa  for the season.
The perfume must be “scentsational” wafting through the air.
Foliage leaves from Acacia dealbata Mimosa Tree
We’ve Captain Cook to thank for bringing this little twig of sunshine to Europe as he brought it back from his travels in Australia and my friend for allowing me to take  photos of hers.


Acacia dealbata pom poms macro

Short and sweet today!

Short as  its usually  seen as short stems in florist bouquets here and sweet for its delicate scent.
An “escential” for the conservatory or do you grow it in your garden?


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Rosie is based in Perth, Perthshire as a garden photographer, writer and nature lover. She enjoys soaking up nature in her own garden and is easily distracted from doing the weeding by anything that flutters, flies, buzzes, creeps or crawls! She enjoys sharing the beauty of creation through her photography. Rosie has been featured on TV on BBC2's The Beechgrove Garden and she uses the Scottish outdoors as her natural light studio. Her work can be seen at the only photographic gallery in Scotland - Close Gallery, 4b Howe Street, Edinburgh.

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    Great photos … they really do show just how beautiful this tree is. Right now the acacias out in the surrounding bushland are in bloom and they're always such a pretty sight.

    It was so interesting to find out about the Spring Mimosa trail… I can imagine it would be just a fantastic thing to see.

    Over here we rarely use the word 'Mimosa' … it always takes me a while to realise it means acacia.

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    Hi Rosie, that is really so beautiful. If i were the one i will not take photos of those because it is common here, but when you showed those photos, suddenly they look good. Maybe when i see them again i will also take photos. Your compositions are great, that's why! Like Bernie, we also don't call it Mimosa but Acacia. However, there is a big tree common to us as Acacia, made into furnitures. Maybe the people during Noah's time mean our tree, which grow so big and strong. It actually is Samanea saman or rain tree, i dont know where the acacia term came from. thanks

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    Beautiful photographs! Love the soothing yellow and the reflecting light. I do think the acacia looks very exotic.

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    lesson learned today – check what link you put on Mr Linky – I had last months on again by mistake. Sorry everyone – I hope you find your way to this submission. 🙂 Rosie

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    Mimosa is the prettiest name for "Acacia" or Wattle blooms as they are called here. There is for every month a Wattle in flower. I have a few in my wildflower garden. The yellow fluffy flowers with their delicate scent are delightful.
    I think it is wonderful that your Grandfather has taught and given you the inspiration to garden. What a lovely gift, the best in life. Have a happy weekend and thanks for your visit. T.

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    So gorgeous! Thank you for this post. My dad has always grown Mimosa indoors in small pots. I know how wonderfully sensitive they are, closing themselves up when brushed against or touched but I had no idea how beautiful they bloom. I have not seen that befre. Even more reason to love the Mimosa xJ

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    rosie, just seeing those accacias make me sneeze, i used to have huge stands of these trees on the mainland in california when they bloom in february it was scary, all the pollens everywhere…i did love the color of the blooms, but these trees are extremely lethal for me and agressive growers…although not all accacias are like this particular variety.

    thank you for joining us today:)

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    Hello Rosie

    i am here via Jasmin's tree festival.
    I love the name Mimosa it sounds so much more exotic than wattle, but wattle sounds so patriotic. The wattle flower features on our coat of arms.

    The ark reference I believe is the ark of the covenant…not Noah's boat which featured in last weeks news as having been found.

    Thanks for the pretty scented mimosa pictures

    Happy days

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    Rosie: I noticed yesterday that your link led to last month post, but I found my way here anyway 🙂 I did not get time to leave comment yesterday (took a peak in the middle of busy working day), but I was so impressed this flower, so finally I came here again today! This is my first time to see this flower, it is so gorgeous, certainly an excellent fit to this meme! Love your beuatiful photograph as well!

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    Beautiful photos, Rosie. They are quite the stunners when in full bloom, aren't they? I have only one acacia from down under in my garden, with the common name of "Golden Wattle" (Acacia latifolia). Very drought tolerant and provides good cover for the birdies.

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    Kilauea Poetry

    Did you notice the blossoms on (Fallen From Today)? If you don't mind..look again at the tiny yellow flowers next to the lavender..I just realized from your post that we posted the same! At least you included the name of the tree! (I would of had to look it up anyway -your right, it smells wonderful too! For some reason I've taken more pictures than I ever had this year -but it's bigger now and the blossoms seem to be everywhere! Thanks-

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    You may just hear some little who's screaming "we are here !we are here! we are here!"

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    Wonderful photos!

    They make me homesick. I love Wattles.

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