Tiptoeing Amongst the Scented Ballerinas

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It’s literally what I was doing all weekend amongst the tulips as I redesign one area of the garden.    These Ballerina Tulips are a real exclamation mark in the spring flowering garden.  Not only have they a beautiful shape with their pointed  petals but they also have a lovely  fragrance  especially from noon time onwards.  From a distance the blooms look orange but once you get close to them you can see that there is a hue of violet or pink (depending on the light levels) going through the petals as well.
spring flowering Ballerina tulips
Ballerina tulips
But my tiptoes have not been very ballerina like ones.  I tried to move a few clumps but some of the stems broke in the process so for now I will just have to work around them and leave them where they are growing until they finish blooming.   They are my favourite tulips in the garden and they have reliably come back into flower every year and I don’t want to miss some of this years blooms.
Ballerina tulips in the evening sunlight
I never lift these tulip bulbs and they are planted very deep in the ground.  They are lily tulips which means that they will perennialize without being lifted each year as long as the soil isn’t too wet during the winter months.
Ballerina tulips in the evening sunlight
Ballerina tulips in the evening sunlight
As you can see from the photo above they are a tall tulip about 20” tall.



Do you remember this photo from last weekend? there were no tulips in bloom and it looked a mess with all the dead plants in the border.
before shot of the border
the before shot
Well this is the photo from this weekend……….. its certainly beginning to improve.
redesigning the flower border
redesigning the border
If you look closely you will see a curved trench snaking its way through the flowerbed.  That’s where the brick edging will go that matches the driveway.  Most of the plants to the left of this trench are now in position and I am still working on the planting on the right hand side which will be covered in pea shingle to tie in with the scree beds in the other parts of the garden.
tulip border
Tulip border
Eventually each clump of tulips will have some swirling carex grasses growing around their bases.  At least then I’ll know where each clump is situated once all the foliage dies down.
As I look as these photos I get excited as I want to tiptoe through the tulips again.  I’ve not been able to get into the garden for the past few days as I’ve come down with a nasty cold.  I never had one all winter and at the beginning of May one pays me a little visit!  So hopefully from tomorrow evening I’ll get out gardening again and maybe there will be a little heat and a little sunshine to greet me as its been lacking around here for days.
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    Curbstone Valley Farm

    Your tulips are lovely Rosie. I'm of the 'thrive or die' opinion when it comes to bulbs. There is simply too much to do in the garden as it is…running around digging up bulbs every year is not a chore I would have the patience for. I'd much rather leave them in the ground, and cross my fingers that they pop up next spring. I do hope your cold goes away soon so you can get back out in the garden.

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    This is a tulip that I'm going to try to find. I love the idea of the grasses around them.
    I leave our tulips, but many just produce foliage the following year.

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    Hi Rosie,

    I really love the color combination of your tulips. They are just gorgeous.

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    The shape of your ballerina tulip is so unique and elegant! Beautiful! I can not grow tulip in florida, so I will just admire yours from far away 🙂

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    Such gorgeous tulips, Rosie. I haven't yet tried any in my own garden, but certainly take inspiration from yours!

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    A lot has happened in a week in your garden – it looks great! Those tulips look so sweet as well!

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    Muhammad khabbab

    Scented tulips. wow you are lucky to grow these. I agree that the patch is looking much better now. Sadly my zone 10b does not allow to grow tulips easily, they hardly open their flowers and scent is something i can only watch for tulips.

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    Your tulips are a beautiful color and I like their pointed tips.
    Your garden looks better too now with a little color in it.
    Wee leave the bulbs of garden tulips in the ground too but special tulips, like those in Botanical Garden are moved every year.

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    Hi Rosie: Your Tulips are wonderful. Here in Hew Hampshire, U.S.A. we leave the tulips in the ground all year. Some only make it a couple of years, others longer. We have a clump in the middle of a lawn that have been there for several years.

    Have a great day,

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    I love the color of your ballerina tulips! Sadly, most tulips perish in my climate. I can plant them in the fall, and they will usually, but not always, come up to bloom the next spring. Then they die permanently, or may return a shadow of themselves for a year or two. Your planting bed is looking great – a week makes a difference! I hope you feel better and can get back into the garden soon.

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    Beautiful tulips, so delicate and unique! You have an amazing garden,
    wonderful plants. Thanks for stopping by, come back anytime.

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    Hi Rosie… oops sorry I’m playing catch-up and thought I’d left a comment here. Once again I love Ballerina. I’ve seen in a few posts. Like the Lily ones too. You do have a lovely selection in your garden. Perhaps I’ll have blisters myself later this year! Thanks for the mention and link for others to join in 😀

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