Red Hot and Firey Summer Blooms

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Its the end of June and the hot colours are starting to appear in the garden for the summer months.  The vivid reds and oranges from the lilies are really starting to demand attention as they proudly stand above their long pointed leaves.
red hot asiatic lilly flowers
I love growing lilies as each year the clumps get bigger and bigger and they reward us gardeners with an increasing amount of blooms.
lillium anthers
Feel the heat from these red ones too!  Names of both lilies are not remembered other than they were in Dutch.
red asiatic lilly
The orange Asiatic ones should be open in the next few days.
orange asiatic lilly
Did you know 

The lilies (Gr. krinia) spoken of in the New Testament (Matt. 6:28; Luke 12:27) were probably the scarlet martagon (Lilium Chalcedonicum) or “red Turk’s-cap lily”, which “comes into flower at the season of the year when the Lord’s sermon on the mount is supposed to have been delivered. It is abundant in the district of Galilee; and its fine scarlet flowers render it a very conspicuous and showy object, which would naturally attract the attention of the hearers” (Balfour’s Plants of the Bible).

The Loud
Down at the bottom of the garden its now starting to get quite shady due to the overhanging branches of a birch tree in my neighbours garden.   One shrub really stands out from the crowd just now in that corner. When I stand at my kitchen window my eyes are always drawn to it – the stems just glow like the glowing embers from a campfire.  
Berberis thunbergii var. atropurpurea Rose Glow , Japanese Bayberry
The shrub is Berberis thunbergii var. atropurpurea Rose Glow or Japanese Bayberry.  I never even noticed until I was preparing this article that it even has the word glow in its name.
This shrub never gives me any trouble.  Its leaves become a darker burgundy as the seasons progress and then come autumn its leaves really do glow red.  Once they have fallen little red berries appear during the winter months and come late spring it has pretty little flowers.   Its leaves have pink markings too though when I was younger I was never allowed to wear pink and red colours together as I was told the colours clashed – but it seems to work fine in nature………. loud maybe!

The Hot
Well as you’ve been reading you’ve probably all realised that I’m writing for Noel’s Hot Loud and Proud Meme for this month and you’re all wondering what the hot will be.  It literally is quite fiery especially when you hear it!
Its something different this month though the photograph could have been so much  better.    I need to wash the outside of my kitchen window more often! I didn’t get outside in time to get it on camera though I hope there will be more occasions this summer for this “hot” item to float over my garden.   Its an………….
virgin hot air balloon
UltraMagic 250 hot air balloon.  It takes 250,000cubic ft of air to fill it, and it can carry 12 people in the basket.  The pilot is called Andre van Wyk with more than 30 years experience in flying.   He has flown many famous people in his hot air balloon and has soared over 39 countries.
Rosie Nixon
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Rosie is based in Perth, Perthshire as a garden photographer, writer and nature lover. She enjoys soaking up nature in her own garden and is easily distracted from doing the weeding by anything that flutters, flies, buzzes, creeps or crawls! She enjoys sharing the beauty of creation through her photography. Rosie has been featured on TV on BBC2's The Beechgrove Garden and she uses the Scottish outdoors as her natural light studio. Her work can be seen at the only photographic gallery in Scotland - Close Gallery, 4b Howe Street, Edinburgh.

21 Responses

  1. Heather

    Oh yeah, that's lookin' hot. I like the pick lilies and the blue bench – they look great together!

  2. maiaT

    These are some really hot lilies Rosie, very beautiful.
    Oh, how much I would like to take a ride/ flight with that "Virgin" balloon.

  3. Melanie

    I would love to take a trip in a hot air balloon. I've always wanted a bayberry . The colouring on yours Rosie is especially pretty and unique. in fact I've copied down the name so I can look for it at the nursery, although none of them have much left now. I will probably have to wait until next spring.

  4. Titania

    The lilies are very beautiful. I love the hot, sunny colours. The berberis is unusual and very pretty.
    Perhaps the hot air balloon steals the show! Well done.

  5. LC

    I love the lilies as well and I'd have to say the orientals are my favorites. Unfortunately, they only last about three years here. The orienpets do considerably better for us and there is a whole world of wonderful asiatics to explore… I'll be posting lots of photos of lilies in the coming weeks as they are really coming into their season! I enjoy all your posts!

  6. AaronVFT

    I love lilies! They are my favourite flowers but sadly can't be grown here in the tropics.

  7. FlowerLady

    Wow, your lilies are so vibrant, really beautiful!

    I think flying in a hot air balloon would be fun, especially their in your beautiful country.

    Enjoy all that beauty surrounding you.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your kind comment.


  8. Floridagirl

    Love those orange and red lilies! I so miss being able to grow lilies, for as you say, they do multiply nicely each year. And what a beautiful summer show they put on! Love that hot-air balloon.

  9. Noelle

    Hi Rosie,

    I am absolutely in love with your pink/orange lilies. They are so gorgeous! I love the color combination of the orange and pink. The hot air balloon looks like it was very close to your house…my kids would have been so excited to see one so close to our house 🙂

  10. Autumn Belle

    Your lilies are as hot as chillis! I wonder if I will be afraid of heights if I take a ride on that hot air baloon.

  11. kanak7

    insioWhat a beautiful Hot, Proud and Loud post! Those lilies are gorgeous!!! I don't think these colours are seen here! Loved the shrub and the balloon…the way you brought them together.

  12. Dirty Girl Gardening

    I have some lilies that are ready to bloom, too. My dogs keep running into them though, so I'm hoping they don't break the stems before I see the bloom! Yours are gorgeous!

  13. Kimberly

    Rosie, lilies are my favorite flower…lilies of any kind! I love them! And the colors of the Bayberry are beautifully combined. The hot air balloon…clever!!!

  14. Dave

    Our orange Asaitic lilies did fantastic this year. But, I have never seen such vibrant ones as the red lilies you have photographed here. I'm going to see if the "Google boys" can help me find their names. Thanks for the great photos.

  15. debsgarden

    I love the bayberry, and the lilies are gorgeous. There are few pastels in my garden during the summer. Only the hot and loud can stand up to the fierce sun!

    I have never been up in a hot air balloon, but I think it would be fabulous! I think it must be magical floating over Scotland.

  16. Meredith

    Rosie, lovely post. Your garden looks like it's on fire with color and light. 🙂 I'd always heard the "lilies of the field" from the parable were white Madonna lilies — it's so fun to me now to imagine them as fiery red Turk's cap lilies. It seems to illustrate the story so much better!

  17. Cindy

    Beautiful lilies, love those colors. The hot air balloon just looks so cool 😀

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