Lily Flowers:The Epitome of Elegance in July

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The lily blooms are at their best just now in my Perthshire summer garden.  They have been challenged quite a bit over the last week with our constant windy weather along with a weekend thunder storm and heavy rain.  A few petals are now amiss but those stems are still standing tall no matter what the elements have thrown at them. They really are the epitome of elegance for now in the garden.

This is Buff  Pixie –  its a little one only growing to 12″ tall and it grows at the front of one of the borders in the back garden.  Come to think of it all my Lillium/ lilies grow in the back garden while its Hemerocallis/ Day lilies in the front garden.
Asiatic Buff Pixie lily bulb
Asiatic Buff Pixie
Asiatic Buff Pixie lily bulb 2
 It’s the colour of a Canteloupe melon with an orange streaked throat.

A little More Elegance

Some of you might remember back in February this year I planted some more asiatic lily bulbs – 6  Netty’s Pride and 6  Lemon Stardust bulbs in containers.  When writing in February I wasn’t sure if any of my lilies in the garden would ever appear again as the winter had been the harshest in 30 years.  Thankfully all the lily bulbs survived and there are still a few more varities in bud.
lillium Netty's Pride
 Netty’s Pride
Lillium Lemon Stardust
Lemon Stardust
We’re now into July and the bulbs I planted in February have grown very successfully with Netty’s Pride producing 62 buds and  Lemon Stardust producing 43 buds.  I’m very impressed with that amount of bloom in their first year of growth.
Alas there is no fragrance from Netty’s Pride but what it doesn’t have in scent it certainly makes up for in drama!
Netty's Pride lily flower

During the Growing Season

For now I’ll just keep feeding the lily bulbs with potash, deadhead regularly and eventually let the foliage die down naturally. The late summer rubeckias and asters will quickly camouflague the dying stems.
orange asiatic lily flower
 an orange asiatic

Preparations for Winter 2010/11

Just incase we have a bad winter like last year I’m going to give those ones growing in the garden a top dressing of compost in the Autumn while the Netty’s Pride and Lemon Stardust which are growing in containers  will be kept on their sides so that they don’t get too wet.
 Red, Hot and Firey Lilies
 Red, Hot and Firey Lilies
Then just wait for double the amount of  blooms next year!


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Rosie is based in Perth, Perthshire as a garden photographer, writer and nature lover. She enjoys soaking up nature in her own garden and is easily distracted from doing the weeding by anything that flutters, flies, buzzes, creeps or crawls! She enjoys sharing the beauty of creation through her photography. Rosie has been featured on TV on BBC2's The Beechgrove Garden and she uses the Scottish outdoors as her natural light studio. Her work can be seen at the only photographic gallery in Scotland - Close Gallery, 4b Howe Street, Edinburgh.

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    These lilies are gorgeous, all of them but these two potted ones, the Netty's Pride and the Lemon Stardust are breathtaking.
    ( I'm glad you've changed the comment for to a popup window, the old one was a real pain to work with.

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    Deborah at Kilbourne Grove

    I need some lilies!!!!
    When I loved in Kingston, the lily beetle was horrible and I stoped growing lilies. They do not seems to have spread this far north, so I think a ton of lilies will be ordered this fall, great they do not take up much room in the garden, yet give so much colour.

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    I love that Netty's Pride lily. I had seen it in catalogues but the photos were hard to read. It looks fantastic in your picture.

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    Hi Rosie, those lilies are so enchanting! How i wish we can grow them too. They are all awesome but my best choice is the Netty's Pride, looks so different. Liliums in the flower shops here are mostly imported as we can produce only a very small quantity in our small highlands during the cooler months.

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    Hi Rosie! Lily season really is amazing isn't it! Asiatics like Nettie's Pride and other of of the Tango series have really refreshed my interest in Asiatics. My garden is just coming into bloom with the orienpets that I find absolutely amazing. I'm getting interested in the LO's as well… it would appear a person just can't have too many lilies! I'm interested in your feeding comments as I've never fed my bulbs… will have to investigate further… Thanks, Larry

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    Oh I think I'm going to faint! I love lilies a lot!!!! Thanks for sharing those gorgeous lilies with us. I certainly wish to grow them someday.

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    You have some lovely lilies. Thanks for the tip about potash. I am going to try it! Your pics rock!

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    "Epitome of Elegance" is a great way to describe these elegant beauties. That 'Netty's Pride' is indeed dramatic! I so miss growing lilies. There was a time when I collected them, and it is so true…they do multiply wonderfully every year.

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    Wow, talk about a bumper crop of lilies Rosie. Lillies are such elegant flowers. If you want scented lilies I recommend growing Trumpet lilies- Regale, Pink Perfection, Golden Splendour and African Queen.

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    gorgeous lilies. I have nettie's pride too, and it's a real showboat!

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    Hi Rosie love your blog. Your Lilies are awesome. My favorite color in the garden. Send some rain my way 🙂 Going to go read more…

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    Autumn Belle

    Rosie, your lilies are gorgeous. I can only sit and watch and turn green with envy because I can't grow them here 🙁 I am glad that this summer has been successful for you as far as lilies are concerned. Cheers!

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    Thanks Rosie for your last comment, you were my only hope to identify that red flower. I've spent two days looking for its name, without success.
    I'll probably discover it accidentally one day.
    Have a beautiful weekend!

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    Thank you Rosie for taking the time, you are a genius!
    This is it, I knew it must be some kind of orchid, even if the "Poor Man's Orchid".
    I couldn't reach the pink ones to capture them too, but I'll go back and try again.
    Thank you so, very much!

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    All are beautiful, but I think the Nettie's Pride lilies are gorgeous I'm glad all that you planted in February have survived.

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    I don't know Rosie if you really want this flower in your garden as it grows very fast reaching 2 m height and it is invasive. Wikipedia says that it is native to the Himalayas and it is called in the UK "kiss-me-on-the-mountain" (funny name).
    Thanks again for the ID!

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    @maiaTThere's hardly room for a weed in my garden! I'm just going to be on the lookout for it growing wild in this locality.

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