Blackbird Nesting Watch

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We’re on blackbird nesting watch here at Leavesnbloom! Once upon a time 2 blackbirds got all luvie dovie and decided to start a little family.
Blackbird Nesting Watch
Home Sweet Home – Squatters Rights – Blackbird Nesting Watch


Squatters Rights! – Blackbird Nesting Watch

14th June:

Mama Blackbird picked the piece of real estate – a very fancy and expensive bird table with a slate roof under one of the canopies in our very busy warehouse. She’s got good taste! and Blackbirds have Squatters Rights in the UK under the Wildlife and Countryside Act until all fledglings have left the nest.
Blackbird Nest
Prime Piece of Real Estate – Squatters Rights – Blackbird Nesting Watch
Mama Blackbird got to work and decided to help with some recyling and used quite a bit of plastic to make her nest nice and waterproof and well insulated along with many other bits and pieces. She even had a little seedling growing out of it amongst the mossy twigs.
Finally she was happy with the end result and laid a clutch of 4 little brownish speckled eggs.  Then she sat and sat for days rarely moving off that nest. She watched us all pass her by each day – only she didn’t like my camera lens so rather than try to get a photo of her on the nest I decided to leave her well alone.

The Clutch

Blackbird Eggs | The Clutch - Blackbird Nesting Watch
Four little eggs in here! – Squatters Rights – Blackbird Nesting Watch

Meet the Brood

22nd June:

Then the day came when  the little ones finally hatched from their eggs.
(click on the photos to see the little babies in macro detail).
Brood of Blackbirds - - Blackbird Nesting Watch
The broody bunch

25th June:

They were so cute in their own particular little way with their mohican hairstyles and always looking to be fed.
Brood of Blackbirds getting fed
Feed Me
Nap time again – you can see that the feathers on their wings were starting to show alittle here.
Brood of Blackbirds sleeping in the nest
Don’t Disturb!
and my favourite photo of all – its like a mirror image.
Brood of Blackbirds sleeping in the nest
Lean on Me!

28th June:

By now the designer stubble look was starting to appear.
Brood of Blackbirds feathers growing - Blackbird Nesting Watch
Synchronized Stretching
and there were lots of chirping sounds coming from the nest.
Brood of Blackbirds waiting for food
Lets shout and sing!

1st July:

Papa Blackbird has been busy feeding too.  I’ve still never managed to photograph Mama yet – she must be camera shy.  Papa Blackbird  has black feathers and a orange beak while Mama Blackbird is brown with lots of little speckled markings on her breast and with no distinct colouration to her beak.
Male blackbird feeding juvenile
One at a Time!

The Juveniles

By the end of last week their feathers were really starting to fill out and there’s not much space to move in that nest.
Juvenile Blackbirds in nest
Space is getting a bit tight in here!  Move over abit.
I didn’t have the camera with me on Friday to capture the scene as all four of them slept in the nest huddled up together with one sleeping with his/her little beak wide open!
I’m not sure if I’ll be there to see them fledge as they normally fledge around day 14 but I’m sure I’ll see them practice their new flying skills around the warehouse in the next week or so as Papa Blackbird prepares them for life in the big wide world!
Maybe Mama Blackbird will produce another clutch from the same nest while Papa looks after the juveniles?  Time will tell…………
Rosie Nixon
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Rosie is based in Perth, Perthshire as a garden photographer, writer and nature lover. She enjoys soaking up nature in her own garden and is easily distracted from doing the weeding by anything that flutters, flies, buzzes, creeps or crawls! She enjoys sharing the beauty of creation through her photography. Rosie has been featured on TV on BBC2's The Beechgrove Garden and she uses the Scottish outdoors as her natural light studio. Her work can be seen at the only photographic gallery in Scotland - Close Gallery, 4b Howe Street, Edinburgh.

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    What an awesome post. I'm also really impressed with the work you've put into the template for your blog. It looks amazing.

  2. Avatar

    I love how you've kept track of the progress with this new family. And the mosaic is fabulous.

  3. Avatar

    Wow! I agree with what you say about your favourite one – purely inspiring first thing on a Monday morning! Lovely!

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    Aww, beautiful captures of nature Rosie, thanks for sharing them:)

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  7. Avatar

    Oh how sweet how you've documented this little family. We're having lot's of wee birds learning to fly around here too. Have a great day!

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    Americana Lady

    I can't believe you were able to get such close-up pictures of this new family! The mirrored image one is awesome! Keep your flag-a-wavin'…Joan

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    Wonderful photos. I just love watching the birds from the nest building through the fledgling stages. And the care of the parent birds, the amazingly wide mouths of those babes as they wait for their food. A wonderful reminder of the marvel of creation.

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    OMG! Rosie, you deserve a medal for these shots! Fantastic! "Lean on me" and the next one are absolutely darling! Any nature magazine would be happy to have such photographs!

  11. Avatar

    Thanks everyone for your comments so far – here's the latest…..

    Two fledged on Friday afternoon and the other 2 on Saturday morning. Today I've just seen one of them in the warehouse practicing his new flying skills. Pappa I've been told has been very busy today looking after them.

    Rosie ♥

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    Antique ART Garden

    Everybody can get great bird shots but me ! Yours was the best bird post ever ! thanks so much for sharing Rosie, take care, Gina

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    Dear Rosie – this is a most wondrous post and so awesome to see the growing family from egg to fledglings. Love the nest so cosy and delightfully situated

    Laura x

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    Jeri Landers

    Most excellent nest, and parents and wee ones; and may I congratulate the EXCELLENT photography! WOW, you really got close! I miss my little birdie babies, but now we have a nest of Eastern Phoebes on the other side of the porch, they aren't quite so boisterous as the previous residents. Enjoy the little darlings! Jeri

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    jodi (bloomingwriter)

    Rosie these are just fabulous photos! How very exciting to watch the younguns grow up. Thanks for cheering me up on this hot July evening.

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    Porch Days

    Thank you so much for these photos. I clicked to enlarge them so I could really see the babies. Great mosaic!

  24. Avatar

    It is so entertaining to watch birds raise their young. I get a kick out of the wrens that come every year to our gardens. Thanks for sharing this.

  25. Avatar

    This is awesome Rosie It's great you were able to get such fabulous photos of their progress. It will be fun watching them learn to fly.

  26. Avatar

    Beautiful shots! I agree…that mirror image photo is my favorite as well…gorgeous! (Seriously, there's a law giving squatters' rights to blackbirds?)

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  28. Avatar

    What a wonderful little interlude this was. I hope that you'll post more photos if you're able to catch the little family before they fly off.

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    This is an amazing post Rosie.
    I can imagine how hard it was to save all these fantastic pictures for so long.
    What an amazing adventure to witness the birth of a new generation and follow their evolution.
    Your "mirror image" and the next one with three babies are really winner photos but all of them are fantastic.

  30. Avatar

    Hello Rosie! I have finally made it over here for more than just a quick lurk 🙂

    I've enjoyed looking at your gorgeous plant photos, but those blackbirds ones are exceptional – well done on getting so many great shots.

    Our blackbirds are feeding their third brood this year – I don't know where they nested, but it must be somewhere close as the juveniles are in our garden nearly all the time. They are lovely to watch, and have very little fear of us – but won't sit still to have their photos taken!

  31. Avatar

    Greetings to you Rosie. Your blackbird family has chosen a lovely location and the photos of the babies are cute.

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    Gloria, Dakota Garden

    What a wonderful post. We have blackbirds that come every spring. For a few years, it seemed they came back to the same nest, or so it seemed to me. I wonder if yours will return. They must sense they have a kind guardian in you.

  33. Avatar

    those were amazing rosie, loved your post…glad they found a beautiful home to roost in and easy for you to track the progress

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    Curbstone Valley Farm

    Rosie, I've been waiting for this post. I remembered you said you were also following a nest full of young birds. I love your photos, and I'm so glad that fledging, at least thus far, is going well. I still rather miss our Flycatchers that didn't make it, and am hoping they found a better place to raise another brood.

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  36. Avatar

    What an absolutely amazing photo journal. I love baby birds, but I must say that blackbirds are now my favorite. I love how father birds also help in raising the 'kids' 🙂

  37. Avatar

    Hi again Rosie, wow… what a wonderful set of images of your Blackbird family. You must have been thrilled to get them. Thanks so much for keeping them back and posting them all at once… that must have been hard 😀

    Ah… I see now where I’ve been going wrong with my blackbird nestbox… just not posh enough 😉

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