Being a Mum

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One Mother's Day I was asked to speak in Church about being a mum. This is my story...

this is an image of a girl with a baby doll

It was Christmas morning 1970. I woke up and there at the bottom of my bed I found a beautiful doll. She was dressed in lovely clothes lying in a cot. I had a baby to nuture! That was the beginning of my journey towards motherhood.


Over the years new dolls replaced older ones. But a doll went everywhere with me. I washed her clothes and hung them out to dry. In fact my mum made new clothes every so often. I loved pushing her in my toy pram up and down the streets. I remember dreaming of the day when I would be a mother. How many children I might have. And what names I would give them. Well over two decades ago the first of three boys arrived.


I was now a mother and my life changed forever.

Being a Mum


Being a mum is a rewarding and sometimes challenging job. I am not a perfect mum but I ask God for guidance and help each day. 

It's the hardest job you will ever do. It comes with no salary, no training and no time off (except when grandparents are around). Furthermore it can also be lonely at times. Some people don't regard it as a 'real job'. But we know differently!

Mums are multi-tasked. We are nurse, cook, maid, laundry woman, organiser, supervisor and control manager. Moreover we are Chairwoman of the Grievance Board, cuddler, hugger, listener, scolder, grounder, teacher and much more.


There is no higher calling than being a mum.




Lo Children are a heritage of the Lord and the fruit of the womb is his reward. ~ Psalm 127:3

It's worth putting up with the bad days when you can remember the joy ... 

  • When you saw that tiny heart beating on a scanner.
  • Holding your newborn for the first time.
  • Their 1st smile and their first tooth.
  • Having their first decent nights sleep ... maybe 12 months later!
  • The first time they called you mama.
  • The first time they hold out their arms to you.
  • Their first steps.
  • And as they get older watching their excitement as they discover new things.

Watching them tackle challenges and succeeding ...

  • The day the stabilizers come off the bike.
  • Being able to cope well at school and make friends
  • Snuggling on the sofa together after school ... telling you about their day and confiding in you.
  • All those hugs and kisses.
  • Getting all those homemade cards and pictures.
  • Receiving their unconditional love and their displays of appreciation.
  • Looking back at all the photographs and video footage ...the stuff teenagers cringe at.
  • Watching them as they go into adulthood and make a life for themselves. Knowing that you have done all you could do to prepare them for it.
  • When they get a full time job.
  • When they get married and set up home.
  • And when the grandchildren arrive.


boy throwing autumn leaves ... being a mum  

Praying for our Children

All mums long for the best for their children. God loves our children more than we could ever love them. It's beyond our understanding but sometimes He gives them out on loan for shorter periods than we expected. 


We can pray for them daily and ask God to make them useful in His hands for however long we have them with us. The safest place our children can be is in the centre of God's will. BUT the greatest of all joy a mum can have is seeing her children accept Jesus as their Saviour.


Home as a Mission Field

Even if we don't see that in our lifetime we can lay the foundation stones. Our home is a mission field. I won't be on earth with my children forever. When I die they will know that I've gone to be with Jesus. BUT I have shown my children how to get there too!


Our children are the only things we can bring with us once we depart from this earthly body. And once in His presence, there will be joy, wondrous joy of being part of God's perfect family forever and forever.

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