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I hope that many of you downloaded the pixel bender oil painting plugin this past week. Actually the sliders can be slow to move depending on how good your graphics card is. Though it's worth the time considering how it can transform a photograph.  In fact some of you might have missed my photography tutorials post but you can catch up here: Pixel Bender.


We've had the most amazing weather for it being the first week of Spring. For instance the bumble bees are busy in and out of the heather flowers. While today I saw the first 2 Peacock butterflies of the season.  Considering I had only seen my first ladybird on Tuesday (that's a ladybug to you all in N America) - that is pretty early.  The weather is too good here to be inside. Moreover I'm going to be spending a lot of my free time out in the garden.   Especially as there is so much work to be done in the garden. Though the camera won't be too far away from me!


I'm easily distracted when it comes to weeding.

Pixel Bender Oil Painting


This is the photograph I'll be transforming with the Pixel Bender Oil Painting and it's straight out of the camera.

Here's my workflow:

  • Remove noise
  • Clean edit
  • Then move the image into and out of pixel bender plugin via photoshop

  • Add a couple of masked screen layers to lighten parts of the image
  • Save as a tiff
  • Then resize for web viewing
  • Do a high pass filter
  • Save for web.

yellow winter flowering Stachyurus praecox
yellow winter flowering Stachyurus praecox
Pixel Bender Oil Painting - yellow winter flowering Stachyurus praecox
Pixel Bender Oil Painting - yellow winter flowering Stachyurus praecox
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Rosie is a garden photographer, writer and nature lover. She enjoys soaking up nature and is easily distracted from doing the weeding by anything that flutters, flies, buzzes, creeps or crawls! She enjoys sharing the beauty of creation through her photography. Rosie has been featured on TV on BBC2's The Beechgrove Garden and she uses the outdoors as her natural light studio. Her work can be seen at one of Scotland's only photography galleries - Close Gallery, 4b Howe Street, Edinburgh. She also writes and shares her nature images on www.irelandbirdphotography.com

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23 Responses

  1. Mom of M&Ms

    You are so beautful… and I have to say that posting those selfies is tough and rewarding…

    And my wrinkle are visible to.. and if I never get to meet you here on Earth, I am thankful that we will get to shoot photos together in the most beautiful gardens, that we could never imagine!

  2. Tara

    Gorgeous, I love your edits! And, you are gorgeous! Love your selfies and I love your hair!

  3. Cedar

    Such a lovely shot and so unique with pixel bender! Thanks for sharing it with everyone!

    I LOVE your "I am beautiful" project! You are beautiful and you did a great job putting it all together!

  4. Lise

    It's so easy to think about beauty as only skin deep…perfect skin, figure and whatnot. Thanks for this post. It's a good reminder 🙂

    And those selfies ARE beautiful!!

  5. Courtney

    The flower edit is gorgeous but you are stunning! Love all your self-portraits! So glad you are part of the project. and I love that we won't have wrinkles when we meet in heaven. 🙂

  6. Kathleen

    Love everything about this post: Your side note about ladybugs to us N. Americans made me smile, your edit is just lovely (at some point today I am going to sit down and figure out how to install Pixel Bender – I have downloaded it, just need to install it), love your BEAUTIFUL selfies, and that MercyMe songs is one of my current favorites! Have fun gardening…and soak up some warm, spring weather for me, will you? (It snowed here yesterday and last night – thankfully, the sun today has melted most of it.)

  7. Liz

    hey Rosie first love this edit and love your beautiful self, I need to do some of me. Love what Jill is doing.
    second I will down load the tool kit thanks. Hope it works.

  8. Michelle

    Glad you explained that whole ladybird thing, cause last I saw, they sure looked more like bugs than birds, but maybe they're growing differently there with you… haha!

    *love* your selfies!!! You rock at finding your good side and joining in and just for being YOU!! hehe — can't wait to meet you in heaven and to see each other in the perfect glorified bodies we're going to have that'll never ever ever get wrinkly, saggy, or bumpy! haha!!

    Have a great weekend, Lady!!

  9. Jill Samter Photography

    I am so proud to know you and thankful you joined in on the project! You are so incredibly beautiful from the inside out!

    love your edit this week too!

  10. Ashley Sisk

    Your oil painting photos really have inspired me – thank you so much for sharing that. Your edit today is beautiful…and so are you!

  11. jillconyers

    Beautiful edit and self portraits. Now to find out if Pixel Bender works with PSE. Thanks for the link.

  12. julie

    Such a COOL bender effect!! Your selfie though, stands out to me…YOU are beautiful!! 🙂

  13. Adeena

    Love your edit! I'm going to have to try that pixel bender…

    And your selfie's are really, really good. 🙂