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I just love the June garden. So many of the herbaceous and foliage plants are just looking so good. The garden is predominately flowering in shades of pink, salmon and blue. In addition there are little pockets of white and yellow. Mounds of low growing Dianthus are in bloom along with the Helianthemums, Potentillas, Tradescantia, Stachys  and various Thyme herbs. Like in previous months What’s in Bloom posts I’m just showing a small selection of the flowers in bloom. 

What’s in bloom in your June garden?
Best Pink June Flowers 1

1. Top left – Astrantia rubra 
2. Top right – self sown seedlings of Primula bulleyana
3. Bottom row from left to right – Saxifraga x urbium Londons Pride, Columbine flowersEnkianthus campanulatus, Kalmia latifolia buds.
There is very little of the soil is visible in the borders in June. Consequently there’s less weeding to do. Other than some deadheading and keeping the grass mowed and edged there is very little else. Furthermore I can enjoy having a good read on the patio when the weather is good. Or taking photographs of the flowers and wildlife.

June shades of Blue
Best blue blooms in the June garden

1. Large photograph left – Allium hollandicum Purple Sensation
2. Small photographs top right to left – Iris siberica, Geranium Johnstons Blue, Thalictrum aquilegifolium, Geranium pretense Splish splash
3. Large photograph right – Nepeta racemosa
4. Small photographs bottom left to right – Centaurea montana,  Scutellaria altissima, Geranium phaeum Sambor, Allium schoenoprasum.

Watering and keeping the annuals (Marguerites, Osteospermums, Violas, Geraniums and Petunias) in the containers and hanging baskets fed will be the most time consuming job in June Next month I can add deadheading to that list. It’s not really a job that I enjoy doing. However once the honeysuckle and roses are in bloom and the garden is full of their aromas in the evening then it will be well worth the effort.

Other Shades in June
Best summer flowers for the June garden

1. Large photograph left – Centranthus rubra
2. Small photographs right top and bottom – Paeonia lactiflora Bowl of Beauty and Papaver orientalis Salmon Glow
3. Small photographs left top and bottom – Geranium endressii Wargrave’s Pink and Physocarpus opulifolius Diablo
4. Large photograph right – Sambucus nigra Black Lace

So far we’ve found and destroyed 2 wasps nests. Furthermore we’ve discovered that wasp nest killer is great for killing ants nests also. The little fledglings are getting better at flying and less of them are flying into the kitchen window. Though we’ve had a few sit on the windowsill outside and look in at us.Over in the wildlife pond the common newts have grown their legs. So it won’t be too long before they start leaving the pond and start to feed on the slugs and snails in the borders.  We have about 20 of them in the pond. So I’m hoping that once they become land bound they’ll not all migrate into the neighbouring gardens.


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34 Responses

  1. gardeningasylum

    Rosie, You're taking beautiful flowers and making amazing art! Love your photo mosaics, especially the purple/blue one. I love June too – this year it's a damp cold month for the most part, so the blooms are lasting here in New England.

  2. debsgarden

    So beautiful! I love the way you grouped your collages according to color. Watering is my major job this month, too. My summer challenge is to keep everything alive. I can keep things watered, but some plants just can't take the heat. And tropical plants love the heat but can't survive the winter. So my climate is stuck in the middle, the best or worst of both worlds!

  3. One

    Gorgeous selection of flowers! Have the wasp nests been removed to prevent stinging? I had thought wasps are beneficial to the garden.

  4. ann

    Such beautiful flowers–some I have never seen before. The pictures are so artistic.

  5. Ever Green Tree

    Gorgeous flowers! We don't get to see such floral beauties here in N. India. Was a visual treat to see the pic collage in pink, blue n violets.

  6. Melanie

    Rosie you have such an amazing variety of plants and your photos of their flowers are exquisite. I have the same peony as you but mine has yet too bloom. I'm trying to have a collection of primula. It is difficult because many of them are not hardy up here. I will have to see if Primula bulleyana will survive. So far I have P. veris P. auricula, P. denticulata and a couple of hybrids. This year I picked up P. vialli, despite being hardy to only zone 4 I'm hoping it will survive. Keeping my fingers crossed. 🙂

  7. Larry

    Your blog is downright classy! I always enjoy your offerings and the composition of the entire enterprise is fantastic, not to mention the photography… wow! I can't imagine the time and effort you put into this! Larry

  8. greggo

    I wish you were my neighbor. I would steal starts. The photos are great as normal. I especialy like the blues………..reds………..err pinks……..sambucus

  9. scottweberpdx

    Beautiful photos…especially Astrantia rubra…you captured the papery nature of their bracts perfectly!

  10. b-a-g

    Rosie – The first photo looks more like a beautiful painting. Glad to see that you are reaping the rewards of your hard work. Wish I could sit back and enjoy my garden in the month of June…

  11. The Sage Butterfly

    We have a hornet's nest that we need to get rid of…not looking forward to it!!! Your blooms are lovely…and I like the way you arrange the photos…very nice!

  12. Rose

    It's been quite awhile since I've visited, Rosie. I think the last time I was here, your garden was just waking up in the spring. My, what a change–so many lovely blooms! Sitting on the patio just enjoying the garden without worrying about weeding sounds like the perfect way to spend a day in June.

  13. Paul From Alabama

    I know now why folks say Scotland is so beautiful. You sure do your part. Nice selection of plants too. Thanks for inviting me into your garden.

  14. rosalie+gesine

    What a nice post, Rosie!
    Ilove all the colors but the first pic is my favoured 😉
    Is this a new papaver, the name remind me to Will and Kate´s wedding!?
    Thank you for joining Blooger Blüten, I really appreciate!
    Wish you a wonderful day1

  15. Nature Rambles

    Fabulous blooms and colours in your garden! Love your collages and the way you teamed up the colours. The blues/purples are simply stunning!!

    Yesterday I tried the golden hour photography and I was happy with the result. The lily (my subject) actually glowed!! Thanks for the tip:)

  16. p3chandan

    Gorgeous flowers especially those blue favourite colour! Fantastic mosaics of beautiful blooms!

  17. jeansgarden

    Rosie, Your Scottish garden and my Maine garden seem to be at about the same place in June. Mine, too, is mostly blooming in shades of pink and blue. Yellows will follow in July when the daylilies really get going. Allium 'Purple Sensation' really is sensational; this is one I want to add to my garden. -Jean

  18. leavesnbloom

    Thankyou for all of your lovely comments. I'll get to visit you all in return on Friday evening and see what's blooming in your gardens.

  19. Curbstone Valley Farm

    Spring is in full swing in your Scottish garden Rosie. Nepeta has become a favorite here around the herb garden this spring, I keep planting more since I've noticed how much the bees relish the blooms. How exciting that the newts are almost all grown!

  20. deb duty

    Your garden is breathtaking and you have a gift for taking photos of it! I enjoyed these beautiful photos.

  21. Anna

    I enjoyed your June blooms Rosie which were photographed beautifully. Thanks for sharing them with us 🙂

  22. Miranda Bell

    Rosie – these are totally wonderful pictures – so many beautiful shots – it would be enough to entice anyone to start enjoying gardening! I loved your self sown Primula – such a pretty colour too. Do hope you've been having a good weekend – take care Miranda x

  23. Alistair

    Larry is correct Rosie, Your blog is indeed downright classy. I think my garden is looking quite good at the moment but many of these plants are not yet in flower with us.We also have had two wasps bykes. I had to destroy one of them, the other is in a place where I am tempted to leave it.

  24. Andrea

    Hi Rosie, i love the style of your collage, i haven't seen that template if it's from one! The blooms are so beautiful. Those wasps, do they sting people too? I've been stung by a swarm when i was younger and had difficulty on my arm for 2 weeks. I can't describe the feelings, as every bad feeling is there, all at the same time. I felt like am going insane!

  25. kanak7

    Hi Rosie…I'd be delighted if you check out a video I've uploaded. It's my nephew singing.:)

    I'm glad I'm here again…took a look at your magnificent blooms again!

  26. Byddi Lee

    Isn't June such a lovely time of year? I'm still trying to figure out how to have that profusion of color here in California just as it gets really hot. Great photos!

  27. Lucy

    Such wonderfully crisp and cheerful pictures of some pretty wonderful flowers.