A Scottish Garden in July

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It’s another Scottish Garden Bloggers Bloom Day in July. The beginning of the month saw the plants being pelted by rain coming down at a rate of between 4-6 inches per hour. Along with thunder and lightning on numerous days. However yesterday and the day before were just perfect summer days. The sun shone and it was so warm and the hence the flowers were flourishing as you’ll soon see.

Scottish Garden Flowers in July

Best summer blooms in my scottish garden

Scottish garden July flowers

The Allium christophii  (Star of Persia) reaches up into the sky at this time of year. These alliums used to be in bigger numbers in the garden but now I only have a few clumps with about 4 plants in each  I think over the years many have succumbed to my heavy wet clay. I also grow Allium cernuum. It’s a small clump of 3 plants at present that grow in a south westerly position in the back garden. However I have many self sown seedlings growing around the main plants. Hopefully these will be at the flowering stage in another 2 – 3 years time.

Heuchera’s have great flowers for the bees. Zenobia pulverulenta Blue Sky grows under the silver pear tree and has white aniseed scented bell shaped flowers.

Stachys macrantha Rosea grows in a large clump in both the front and back gardens. If it is really warm it will wilt in the back garden. However I shouldn’t have planted in in a south westerly location!  My only regret is that it doesn’t flower long enough for my liking.

Digitalis self seeds in a hap-hazard fashion all over the east facing border in the back garden.  I’m a very relaxed type of gardener  and I just let nature decide where to plant it. It can be a difficult border to grow things in due to the winter wet.

I’m really surprised that Gladiolus Byzantinus  are in flower. The bulbs were newly planted last autumn and I was sure they would be a winter casualty after the harsh winter temperatures. Their hardiness has surprised me and they are flowering really well for their first year in the garden. They are right in  saying that  plants bulbs don’t read textbooks! but I did plant the 15 bulbs under the silver pear tree. Consequently that has a southerly outlook so that might have helped in protecting them.

Nepeta x faassenii  is a plant that I let grow and seed where ever it pleases. It’s beloved by the wildlife and the local cats.


Summer Flowers Collage 2
Best summer blooms 2

Cerinthe major purpurascens  is an annual here in the garden and it grows along side the pedestrian footpath. It’s just one plant but it has about 8 arched stems with purplish bracts just now and I’m hoping to overwinter it in the house.

Anthemis tinctoria Sauce Hollandaise grows as well in the front garden in a south easterly position.  I purchased 3 plants a few years ago that now have grown into a very substantial grouping of more than a metre square when in full flower.

Rosa ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ is one rose I forgot to prune this year and is one that I think I am going to have to move this autumn into the front garden.  It has never thrived ever since the other shrubs nearby started to block more and more of the south westerly sunlight. While there’s also Alchelmilla mollis. Well it’s more like a weed here as it will grow even among the gravel. But I remove as many of the seedlings as I can and dead head before the flowers go to seed. I grow it primarily for the wildlife in the garden to enjoy. But this year it has seeded in into the lawn so maybe my love affair with this plant is finally about to end. 

Then there’s the yellow flowering Ligularia stenocephala The Rocket. I thrives in my problem corner which is wet all year round.

However the Flowering carpet yellow rose managed to pull through another winter.


Summer Flowers Collage 3
Best blue and white summer blooms in July

Clematis Crystal Fountain didn’t flower at all last year and maybe if it wasn’t in a northerly position it might do better. But it does have to compete with a vigorous golden bamboo nearby

Tanacetum parthenium better known as Feverfew grows in different parts of the back garden but thrives in the southwesterly position. I let this self seed every year but most of the plants will grow for about 2 years before they flower themselves out.

Eryngium bougatti Picos Blue is slowly making its presence known in the garden. I wish I had purchased more than one of these a few years ago. In bigger numbers they would give a lot more impact to the border. This one is planted in a southwesterly position and beloved by the wildlife. I think root cuttings would be the best way for me to increase the stock.


Summer Flowers Collage 4

Best July flowers 1The

Lavender Hidcote grows in poor soil next to the pedestrian footpath. It thrives in it’s south easterly location and the clump is at least 1m x 1m wide.
Geranium Rozanne grows in a south east position in the same border as the Silver Pear tree.

Tradescantia x andersoniana Osprey is not an invasive plant here. It’s not very vigorous either and only has one short flowering season. It faces south east as well and seems to hate our wet summers. But I just love its candyfloss looking flowering centres.

There’s also the pink Spirea Golden Princess  and the purple Hebe Pixie.


Summer Flowers Collage 5

Best blooms in JulyPotentilla fruticosa Pink Beauty and Eryngium bougatti Picos Blue. Along with a Flowering Carpet Red rose standard, Shasta daisies, red Centranthrus and Dianthus.
This is just a small selection of what’s in flower in July!

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24 Responses

  1. Gatsbys Gardens


    Your garden looks full and lush with barely any ground to see, this is what I like. I am growing the rocket also and it is just beginning to flower. It is such fun to see the borders fill in with something going all the time.


  2. Bernie

    Fabulous! Loved the presentation of your blooms for this post. Your collages are just terrific. You have such beautiful blooms to share … adored everything! Hebe 'Pixie' really caught my eye, as did the Eryngium with those Feverfews in the background.

  3. Curbstone Valley Farm

    The Allium photo stunning! I love the Eryngium, has a lovely wildflower thistle-like look to it. The neighbor's cat seems to be a bit of an adorable ham 😉

  4. gardenwalkgardentalk.com

    Some reason I am having a hard time leaving a comment. Hope this goes through. I really like your collages this month, and I am partial to the blue one. Happy GBBD to you too!

  5. The Sage Butterfly

    Your collages really accentuate your flowers and your garden (and your post). The Eryngium is stunning with that hint of blue! Your garden is certainly blooming lots, right now…I enjoyed the visit! Happy GBBD!

  6. Janet/Plantaliscious

    Beautiful flowers, beaautifully showcased Rosie. That Eryngium is a stunner, and I have also fallen for Rosa 'Rhapsody in Blue'. But honestly, you have so much there I couldn't possibly comment on everything that caught my eye. Happy GBBD.

  7. Andrea

    Your collages look so classic this time, as in they look like they are for good. I love most the photo with the cat unmindful of anything as it only minds she wants to just lie there and rest! haha. I can't read the details now as i am about to go home. I will just come back.

  8. Gardening in a Sandbox

    Hi Rosie: Your garden is just gorgeous with lots of colour and texture. I loved the Eryngiums and have some in the Sandbox too. I was in love with the templates for the collage. Beautiful package. V

  9. Jayne

    Your blooms are gorgeous and I love the way you have presented them in these collages. Happy GBBD!

  10. Melanie

    Your garden is wonderfully lush and mature Rosie. You have such a fabulous selection of plants. I would love to come and visit and spend hours just looking at everything. Your photos are so inspiring!

  11. TheGardeningBlog

    My favourite is the blue & Whites in Collage 3. Lovely combinations! You have a wonderful profusions of blooms – lucky girl 🙂
    Happy GBBD.

  12. My garden haven

    Hi Rosie, I love your huge page format, and the stunning collages. The blooms are lovely. July is good to your plants.

  13. dorothy

    I especially like the way you have done your collages. Very artistic! You have such lovely gardens. Your cat looks so happy there. Happy Bloom Day!

  14. noel

    aloha rosie,

    i love the color combinations to your mosaics especially the yellow and purples

  15. Karen

    Wow, wow, and wow! Love it all especially the Cerinthe major Purpurascens and the Erynguim bougatti 'picos blue'



  16. Larry

    You do such an amazing and professional job of organizing the photos in your post… absolutely stunning! Larry

  17. scottweberpdx

    Absolutely beautiful post! Love all the collages, what a great way to organize such a full post! I'm so jealous of how lush your Ligularia is…mine seems to pout every day about the sun it gets…I might end up moving it if it doesn't shape up next year!

  18. Rose

    Such a beautiful collection of blooms, Rosie! I'm always drawn to the blues and purples–the purple rose is so pretty and unusual in its color, and I'm regretting not planting any Eryngium–such eye-catching blooms. I agree on the nepeta–the bees love it here. Gorgeous photo collages!

  19. Byddi Lee

    Your collages are spectacular! BTW I know bulbs don't read text books but I laughed out loud at how you crossed out plants – it implied that they do! And if so mind are learning all about being naughty and not doing what I want them too!

  20. jeansgarden

    Rosie, I love your Eryngium 'Picos Blue;' what a gorgeous color! Osprey is my favorite of the tradescantias. They make very big, vigorous clumps in my sandy soil, and Osprey self-sows readily; I dug a bunch of seedlings up and gave them away this spring. I had never noticed Alchemilla mollis self-seeding before this year, when I noticed a dozen tiny seedlings in the gravel walkway that these plants grow along the edge of. All your flowers (and your cat!) are looking wonderful. -Jean

  21. Wife, Mother, Gardener

    Just catching up on GBBD.

    What a lot you have blooming right now! I need to take down a few notes and add some of these plants since I still feel that my own boarders lack at this time of the season.

    One thing that my garden lacks is any moist spots. So I deeply admire your ligularia, of course.

    And I think that if I was your neighbors' cat I would lounge on your beautiful front lawn too! It looks perfect!


  22. tyziana

    I found myself in a long time your beautiful blog!
    I'm fascinated by your photos and beautiful blooms! You are fortunate in Scotland have a climate very favorable and gardens do not suffer from excessive heat or drought, or, as in this period we have in Italy.
    I will follow more closely from now on, I put the link on the blog nstro.
    See you soon and thank you for these wonderful pictures!

  23. Ronnie@hurtledto60

    The word beautiful has been used a lot but it is true. The presentation of the photographs of the blooms in your garden add to the enjoyment of looking at your blog – thank you.