Recycling – make a pallet garden

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One project that has really inspired me on Pinterest is the making of a Pallet Garden. It’s a recycling project which is made from an old disused pallet. I have two pallets in the garage and it would be a great project to try out next year. I’m running out of planting space and I’m now thinking of vertical planting.

Recycling - make a pallet garden
Gardening and Nature Board – leavesnbloom on Pinterest

How to Make a Pallet Garden

I’ve always admired the different plants belonging to the Sedum family and this pallet garden would be a perfect way to display them. All together they could ‘show off’ their diversity in texture and form.  From the pictures I found while on Pinterest I was able to find the original tutorial online “How to Turn a Pallet into a Garden”.


First you need to find a pallet that is in good condition. Watch out for old nails or sharp bits of wood that could damage your skin.

You just need to staple black landscape fabric to the back, bottom and sides of the pallet. As a result that holds the soil in place but still allows excess water to flow through the permeable material.

Keep your pallet flat on the ground and fill with soil. Then plant up with your selection of plants. You need to use lots of plants squeezed together as you don’t want any soil to escape once it’s turned on it’s side.

Be patient and leave the pallet on the ground for a few weeks so that the roots get established!


If you use sedum then make sure that each plant contrasts in leaf and texture with its neighbour. Herbs would work well too. Just make sure that there is really good drainage at the bottom of the pallet. You might need to pierce a few holes in the fabric at the base if it takes too long for excess water to escape.

Lean the pallet against a wall once the plants are established. Be careful with the watering as some parts of the pallet will dry out quicker than other parts.

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  1. Andrea

    Wow, that's something new again. But i will not use it as I can't even post more often here, I don't even have twitter. Enjoy your new interesting find!

  2. tyziana

    Hallo Rosie!
    I am also Pinterest of a few months and I have some interesting tables, drawn from many wonderful blogs I visit, including your own!
    I added you to my contacts!
    The idea of the vertical garden made ​​with the pallet is really interesting, but difficult to maintain I belief. But you can try …..
    happy weekend! I love coming on your blog! ^^

  3. Gatsbys Gardens

    This is very interesting Rosie! A lot og my gardening is vertical because I have such a small space. The pallet garden reminds me of the pocket gardens I saw this summer at Ball Gardens.


  4. Curbstone Valley Farm

    Thanks for this post Rosie. You know, I'd heard of it, I have friends that use it, but had never looked into it, so didn't really know what it was all about. I FB, but don't tweet, and sometimes feel a little like an old fuddy duddy when it comes to the latest and greatest 😛 That said though, we're planning a kitchen remodel right now, and the list of products and materials that I'm trying (and failing) to keep track off seems like a perfect thing for this. I agree, bookmarks are clunky at best. If I understand correctly, I can categorize my 'pins'? (i.e. keep all my kitchen inspiration pins separate from gardening ones). Definitely going to look into this further! Now I'm intrigued and can see this may actually be useful!

  5. un giardino in diretta

    pinterest is very fun for me and I use it like you: inspiration and visual bookmarks
    I just discovered to have you among my followers … can not believe it … it's a great honor for me, thanks! 🙂

  6. justine

    do you have to be a facebook member to join? ages ago I asked for an invite and it seemed to be only through facebook and I have asked for an invite again but haven't got one! love what you have done on yours.