Decoration ideas with Poinsettias

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Here are some seasonal tips and decoration ideas with Poinsettias. Euphorbia pulcherrima  better known as the Poinsettia comes in over 100 varieties. Furthermore they are grown in an array of coloured bracts with different shaped leaves. For example pointed, round and now even curly. They are the most popular pot plant world wide with sales in Europe alone reaching a staggering  115 to 120 million plants per year.


But why do so many people struggle to grow this essential winter plant of the Christmas Season? 


For the last two years I’ve listed my own rules on caring for these pot plants in the hope that more people will succeed in growing them successfully at home.  My rules are not copied out of a text book but are from years of experience in looking after these plants in their thousands. So if you need some helpful advice on how to succeed with these houseplants please click on this link: Care Tips for Poinsettias.

Otherwise keep reading!

This year you can watch a series of short videos on how to be creative with these fashionable plants.


1# Decoration Ideas with Poinsettias: as cut flowers


2# Present the Poinstettia in Style

As the the videos says they really are true transformers and with the right accessories you can create a cosy home spun look or … present the poinsettia in style! How about a Poinsettia inside a ball of wool for starters?
Note: if you’re wondering what one of those orchid tubes is in the video – see if your local nursery/garden centre has an odd empty Lucky Bamboo container lying around. It’s just the same thing.


3# Decoration Ideas with Poinsettias: the personalized present


4# Recyling

As the video says the plants are always in fashion just as recycling is in fashion. And this also holds true for Christmas decorations. You can transform the most inconspicuous vessel or even your favourite pot into a trendy Christmas decoration.

5# How to use boxes and gift bags to display the Poinsettia


And finally why not visit the Christmas Star website. You’ll find further step by step instructions on how to make many more items.

I think a glue gun is a good investment at this time of year!

Decoration ideas with Poinsettias



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12 Responses

  1. Lucy

    Oh golly, I'm exhausted. Would you really do all these things? I seem to have lost my creative gene.

  2. HolleyGarden

    Oh, thank you for this! I want to decorate with poinsettias this year, but when I went to buy them, they looked so sad in their little plastic pots, I put them down. Now I know I can bring them home and make them look special!

  3. Gatsbys Gardens


    I have never seen pointsettias used as cut flowers in the US. I am so excited to see how to do this without using pots on my dining table. I have all kinds of ideas of what to pair them with. Thanks so much for the tutorials.



    Thanks for the videos and links. I have access to all the greens at the farm and never thought of doing arrangements like this with the poinsettias. They made it look so easy too. The tip on burning the end of the stem is a good one too.

  5. Andrea

    Hello Rosie, we have some varieties of poinsettias here too, i think nurseries were able to grow them here in the highlands and then bring down to the lowlands to sell during this Christmas season. So after sometime, they get ugly and the colors fading, leaves falling and wilting. I've never bought them at all, though i appreciate looking at them too. But in your case of adding more value to them, it can already be a major business, those are lots of major beautiful variations.

  6. Alistair

    Well perhaps its not a plant that I will grow, but yes give me personal experience over text books any day.

  7. Wife, Mother, Gardener

    Beautiful ideas!

    I have a friend in TX who carried then in her wedding bouquet 10 years ago this January. They are so festive and fitting for the holidays. I really like them decorating a Christmas tree with white lights.

  8. Plant Chaser

    We used to have the red poinsettias in our old house (all white). Unfortunately red has no place inside our new home and we will need to get used to having the white variety. Thanks for sharing these tips with us. I will be showing them to my wife.

  9. Melanie

    I want to go to a place warm enough to see poinsettias growing outside. I had a poinsettia for about 3 years until one Christmas we went away and the person who was looking after it, and my other houseplants, did a not very good job and it died. The other plants survived. Poinsettias are so ubiquitous I'm not bothered about getting another one. The videos are great tho.

  10. Curbstone Valley Farm

    I always used to have these blooms around at this time of year, but we can't leave them outside here, and inside our ancient cat insists on trying to eat them. I love these ideas though. Maybe I can try one, but just set it up out of the cat's reach! 😉