The Winter Garden

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For the past few nights a little fairy has accompanied Jack Frost into the winter garden. As a result they’ve sprinkled some seasonal sparkle and glitter all over the plants. However snowflakes must be on ration as they’ve only left us a little dusting each night. Here’s a little photography collection from this morning that reveals some of their antics as the sun illuminated the trails they left behind.

Winter Garden Photography

leavesnbloom winter garden
Seed heads in the winter garden

I’ll probably regret leaving this Spirea with seed heads in the Spring as those seeds are so easy to germinate.  Sadly the winter sun never makes it as far as this large clump of Aster seed heads. But who needs lens bokeh when I’ve got natural orbs of Honesty seed heads!

hydrangea, catkins and seed heads in the winter garden
winter garden interest

The Hydrangea ‘Limelight’ literally is in the limelight at this time of year in the garden. While the Corylus avellena Contorta twists and turns. And the shasta daisy seed heads look like tiny white baubles on skewer sticks.


this is an image of winter garden flowers - pink hellebore, orange witch hazel, dark pink lenten rose and pink cyclamen

The Picotee hellebore from Het Wilgenbroek Nursery in Belgium top left has never flowered at this time of year before. While the Lenten Rose has been in flower for over a month now. The little Cyclamen coum buds are ready to open while the first ribbons from the witch hazel  Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Jelena’  are teasing out.


this is an image of a teasel seed head, pulmonaria and ornamental peeling bark
The Pulmonaria saccharata ‘Rosea’ is in flower all over the garden. The Teasel seed heads are being left to self seed. While the Acer griseum is exfoliating.

this is an image of a rubeckia seed head and berberies red berries in the sunlight
While finally some of the leaves of the Berberis thunbergii f. atropurpurea ‘Bagatelle’ and Berberis thunbergii f. atropurpurea ‘Helmond Pillar’ are still hanging on. Likewise so are the last remaining petals of the Rudbeckia blooms.

Brrrh my toes were too cold to take any more photos today. So you’ll have to imagine seeing the red crabapples, the last of the Cotoneaster horizontalis red berries and the purple Callicarpa bodinieri var. giraldii  ‘Profusion’ berries.
What a difference compared to last December. Back then we were getting sick of the large heaps of snow the snow ploughs had left behind. There was hardly a bloom  or a berry in sight!
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15 Responses

  1. tyziana

    Beautiful post Rosie!
    Here come the first cold, the winter has been slow this year, the weather was very mild in the autumn. Your photos are beautiful as always, have a fantastic light even in winter when everything is asleep now.

  2. Gatsbys Gardens


    The faries have left me very little, no blooms, some snow and cold. It is lovely to look at what you have blooming or coming up. Your climate must be a lot more temperate than mine.


  3. Ellie

    Beautiful pictures Rosie, I love the sun shining on them. Lovely.
    We don't have much frost – in fact it is quite mild here. Storms have passed thank goodness

  4. Catherine@AGardenerinProgress

    We have had lots of visits by Jack Frost here too. No snow at all so far.
    It is surprising to see those Hellebores in bloom now! I've seen lots of new growth starting on mine and bet they'll be blooming in another month.

  5. Bernie H

    Brilliant textures and fabulous warm earthy colours! Such a terrific set of photos once again. You could say we're having a very, very mild Christmas season over here … but I'd be more inclined to say stinky hot! Have a fabulous festive season.

  6. Andrea

    Rosie, to my eyes these photos are exactly from fairyland or maybe another planet. Amazing light too, no wonder you get awards all the time!

  7. deb duty

    Your winter garden is so pretty! Your photos are stunning with such lovely golden light. We have chilly weather one day and then it's back to warm the next.

  8. HolleyGarden

    Your photos are so pretty! Isn't it nice to find beauty in every season of the year? Glad you're not under tons of snow! I hope we have a fast winter and an early spring!

  9. scottweberpdx

    Beautiful post! I'm so jealous…we've have frost, but not the lovely, picturesque kind 🙁 I just adore that backlit Teasel photo…pure magic!

  10. Autumn Belle

    Your photos are magical enough to attract even the angels. Hope you get enough snow to make a snowman when Christmas. Have a blessed Christmas, Rosie!

  11. Michelle

    eek!! Your fairy has left some beautiful light and sparkles behind!! I'm almost wishing she'd come visit here!