Student of Composition Critique

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For the next few weeks I'm a Student of Composition. I want to be someone who makes photographs rather than someone who takes photographs. I know that my photography style is going to become so much more consistent. Moreover Kent Weakly is my tutor and already there's a little voice in my head asking ...


ok how can I make this even better than the previous shot ?


Even slight changes in subject approach can make significant differences in the effect of the picture ~ Andreas Feininger

Student of Composition Critique

Rosie, these are beautiful images.


Image #1 is using the background fence post tops as a leading line right to the point of interest. This is very well executed.


The shallow depth of field makes it clear to the viewer that we are to look at the hook in the foreground and not focus on the fence post, but the fence posts are an important element of the shot.

a student of composition - rusty chain on lichen stone
unchained melody

Image #2 is simply stunning. This image begins to tell a story or paint a picture. It’s ease for the viewer to begin imagining a storyline for this image, as there is nothing compositionally standing in the viewers way.


Great leading lines trail off to a point that is located in the top left third of the image. Even the fog is helping to reduce the tone of the background and add contrast to the trail, your main subject area.


I can’t say anything to improve this shot, it’s simple gorgeous!

a student of composition - Perth Lade on foggy morning Perthshire Scotland
foggy lade path
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12 Responses

  1. Michelle

    Have fun!!! Sure looks like you got a great start already! and hehe… love the fact that I'm not the only one taking pics of metal objects in old fence posts…. (let me know if you want to see mine!)

    Love that path through the woods, too… I'd sure rather be there exploring now then what I'm getting ready to do (ugh, pay bills! lol!)

    Have a blessed and fun-filled weekend!

  2. Liz

    WOW Rosie!! These are both fantastic.
    I love the first – great composition and DOF. And the second is just dreamy. I would love a stroll down that path.

  3. Ellie

    Good for you Rosie, it's always good to learn something. I really like both of your pictures and I wouldn't mind taking a wander down the misty path to see where it goes.

  4. Kim Stevens

    These are both really wonderful, the first I love for the Dof and the second one just grabs my heart, very much love this!

    And yes, I've been reading some books I got for Christmas on creating stronger images, doing exactly as you in wanting to make better photos not just take them. When my crazy schedule slows down I can't wait to take a class from Kent, I admire his work so much. Have fun!

  5. Tricia

    Oh my goodness, these are both so beautiful! That second one has such a nice dreamy quality…gosh, I love that.

  6. Gardening in a Sandbox

    It seems that if we want to improve our photography skills we should learn some lessons from masters of the craft. I am taking a composition course through the Perfect Picture School of Photography. I am really enjoying it as I see you are in your classes. We will compare note. V

  7. Dorian Susan

    Hi Rosie-this looks like a wonderful class. Whereas your photos are so stunning, I'm excited to see them as you add to your knowledge. That first one of the large eye hook really appeals.