Are You Drifting into Spring Yet?

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snowdrops native scottish flowering bulbs
We’re drifting into spring here though we had a flash back to winter today with sleet and a fierce cold wind.   A back injury has kept me until today out of my own garden so one morning whilst recovering I went for a little visit to a friends garden.  Before Y’s children were born her meadow was full of wildflowers and pheasants every summer while nowadays it has been replaced by a lawn and a fine art studio.
This is the view from her veranda every February and early March… drifts of snowdrops and there are thousands of them.
Perthshire spring native snowdrop drifts
Mad Dog Fine Arts Perthshire
While down on the South Inch in Perth there are drifts of crocus and the daffodil season is just about to beginflowering.
South Inch Perth crocus and daffodil spring flowering bulbs


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17 Responses

  1. Lyn

    Those drifts of bulbs are so beautiful. I'm drifting into autumn, although with all the rain and flooding we've had, maybe "floating" would be a more appropriate term.

  2. Ellie

    What a view to have out your verandah – beautiful. I love snowdrops they are so pretty – mind you I love all of the spring time flowers. Your crocuses and daffodils are lovely.
    The daffodils around our town are just beginning to come through but we have had some windy weather and their heads are drooping already.

  3. The Sage Butterfly

    Springs emergence looks so beautiful in your neck of the woods. I have daffodils and hellebore blooming, and there are signs of life as many plants begin to break the surface of the ground. Your photos are lovely and a joy to view.

  4. HolleyGarden

    I've never seen so many crocus in one area! Gorgeous! And your friends' place is beautiful. What a calming scene. The snowdrops are fabulous! Hope your back will soon be up to full strength.

  5. ann

    We, too, are, as you say, drifting into spring. We had a lovely weekend, but now mid-week there are whisperings of more snow and freezing sleet. We will see what we wake up to in the morning. I love seeing your fields of natural daffodils–that's one of my fantasies to walk the natural fields of wild daffodils either in Scotland or the English countryside. I am not picky. So I love the view from your friend's porch. Thanks for cheering us up.

  6. Lona

    It is slowly drifting in here also. Yesterday was a beautiful but windy day.I enjoyed the day out in the garden beds cleaning. Wow! I love all of those Snowdrops. How beautiful to see mass plantings of Daffodils and Crocuses. It is just beautiful!

  7. tinajo

    Beautiful! Spring has not come that far here yet, but it´s getting closer – I can smell it in the air! 🙂

  8. Anna

    Snap – have been suffering from back problems too and will certainly not be rushing into much in the way of serious gardening for a while. Hope that you're well and truly on the mend Rosie. Glad that you were able to get out and enjoy your friend's garden – it looks a beautiful spot.

  9. Curbstone Valley Farm

    The crocus look amazing, and I just envision how it will look when all those daffodils burst into bloom. That's how someday, I hope, our orchard would look in spring, with bulbs in bloom from end to the other. I may need to plant a few more though!

  10. Caroline Gill

    I'm so sorry, Rosie, to hear about your back. Those photos are magnificent, portraying dreamy spring moods. The drift of crocus is stunning!

  11. deb duty

    Rosie, This is such a lovely collection of collages. Thank you for sharing with us a pretty part of your world.

  12. hortoris

    I saw your garden photos April 2010 and came for another look. I feel good about having split my snowdrops this morning – I hope they regrow.