Scottish Ladybird Sightings

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Just an update on my phenology report for 2012. Last year was a poor year for spotting a Scottish ladybird. I had no sightings of them in my garden and only 2 or 3 in the surrounding countryside.  So you can just imagine my surprise on Sunday when I found a native 7 spot Ladybird in early March. It was basking in the sun on a dry Carlina acaulis thistle seed head.
native scottish ladybird on Carlina Thistle
I presume that this adult hibernated in the hollow stems of the ornamental thistle during the winter  months. Furthermore I’m so glad that I’ve left it so late to clear up after the winter this year.

native scottish ladybird on Carlina Thistle

I made sure to add this sighting to my online Phenology Report for Spring 2012. Then I checked to see how many others had spotted this native 7 spot ladybird so far this spring.  As you can see from the UK map for this species there seems to be only three other sightings in Scotland up until 12th March. Mine is that red dot on the map. As you can see there have only been 415 sightings across the UK so far this year.

So I’ve either got one very brave ladybird or else few people are recording up here!

My 1st Scottish Ladybird Sighting

Map of Sightings of 7 spot scottish ladybirds


Have you spotted your first ladybird of the season yet?


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5 Responses

  1. Robbie Palm

    They are so useful in the garden. Finding that little guy in the flower just affirms the need for us to leave up our plants during the cold months. They have a place to hide! Nice pictures:-) robbie

  2. Curbstone Valley Farm

    I did spot a ladybug on one of floating row covers this last weekend. It was an Asian species though. In fact, I'm not sure I've ever sighted a native species in our garden, but I've also never seen one with as many spots as the one this weekend. This does show the value of leaving standing stems over winter though. We left our thistles and our sunflowers standing this last winter, just in case some insects needed a new home.