Perth City Jubilee Celebrations

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Perth City Jubilee celebrations to celebrate its status as a city again commenced this weekend. In addition it was also celebrating the Queens Diamond Jubilee. Weekends are usually for gardening but not today. As a result we headed down to the North Inch to join in with the celebrations. The pipers piped. Kilts also swayed in an array of tartan plaids. While flags waved as the 1000 Pipers Parade marched through the city. Many came from as far afield such as Malta, Poland, Germany and Switzerland to play in the Pipefest. Then as part of the Eden Project Initiative we sat down for the big Jubilee Lunch/Picnic on the Inch. Consequently there were thousands of others there too and we enjoyed the entertainment. And the people watching!

Perth City Jubilee Celebrations

Here are a few of photo highlights from the day…

Pipefest on North Inch Perth City Jubilee Celebrations

Pipefest on North Inch Perth City Jubilee Celebrations

 Famous Grouse at perth Jubilee Celebrations, Perthshire, Scotland
Iconic Scottish Wildlife participated as well!

Youth Organisations on parade ​ in perth tayside​

pipers in perth tayside
Kilts, Sporrans and Bagpipes and lots of tartan

 ​1000 Pipers Pipefest Perth City Jubilee Celebrations
Pipers with lots of puff in their cheeks
The Big Jubilee Lunch on the Inch, Perth, Scotland
The Big Jubilee Lunch on the Inch



Plaids and Tartan On North Inch for Jubilee
People Watching!

 a man dressed in tartan for the Perth Kilt Run, Perthshire, Scotland
Finally one of the participants of the Perth Kilt Run before the Guinness Book Of Records Race



The weather was just perfect! I’m convinced those weeds took advantage of my absence from the garden today. I think they had a little self seeding party of their own.

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13 Responses

  1. The Sage Butterfly

    Oh what fun! It sounds like a fantastic celebration. And I really enjoyed seeing through your photos all the wonder of it.

  2. Andrea

    Oh Rosie, when i saw Perth in the title i thought you went to Australia! I forgot that most of their cities are mostly originally in Europe esp UK, hehe. Those pipers really looked tired, is it difficult to blog those pipes! Happy celebrations.

  3. Linda Claxson

    That looks fantastic Rosie and it seems you've been blessed with better weather that the southern celebrations lol.
    I remember going to the Silver jubilee – I was just 6 but I remember all those celebrations and I even have my Jubilee cup around somewhere. lol.
    I would love to have seen the pomp and ceremony of a few hundred years ago!

  4. Jayne

    Wonderful post Rosie. What a lovely celebration you had, and such glorious weather! Much better than the poor souls getting soaked on the Thames!

  5. Richard Havenga


    1,000 Pipers Piping! Oh my gosh, the music must have been impressive to hear.

    I love the swords, all the amazing colors in their clothes, the orange-haired guy, the massive drum, and even the "Famous Grouse".

    What an extraordinary event! Well documented Rosie!


  6. Floridagirl

    Ah, men in kilts…gotta love it. : ) Looks like everyone there is having a great time. Thanks for sharing this fun bit of Scottish culture with us!

    (I see you were thinking about your garden while away. I do the same thing. Love to go places, but usually finding myself longing to be back in the garden once I'm there.)

  7. Bom

    Thank you for sharing your celebrations. It looks as if everyone had a lot of fun! I think it is great that the participants were all in traditional attires.

  8. Kim Stevens

    Oh, I loved the walk through your day here! I can hear the bagpipes all the way over here!!

  9. tinajo

    Wonderful post, looks like so much fun! 🙂

    Oh – and the weeds always takes advantage..! 😀

  10. Kia

    Looks like everyone is having a great time. 🙂
    Beautifully documented. Unfortunately here in Paisley we didn't see any kind of celebration, not even buntings, just the kiddy flag.