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Recently I took some photographs of the East Neuk fishing villages in Fife, Scotland. The place has such a character that appeals to me.  I love the quaintness, colours and architecture along the whole coastline.


East Neuk is so photogenic!


You'll have to imagine the calm waters from the harbour quay filled with fishing boats, colourful nets and lobster pots. Think of the sea, rock pools, golden sands and the call of the gulls. While the streets are lined with quirky cottages. Brightly painted walls and windows complimented by window boxes full of summer flowers.

this is a collage of scenes from East Neuk photography,  Fife, Scotland
along the East Neuk Coastline​

East Neuk

St Fillians Cave Pittenweem

this is an image of sea green lobster pots - East Neuk photography
sea green netting from the lobster pots down at the harbour.
lobster pots East Neuk photography
this is an image of a red boat at  East Neuk Harbour - it looks as if it has eyes and eyelashes - East Neuk photography
Boats don't have eyelashes but I did find one that looked like it had with thick eyebrows! Do you see them?
this is an image of a yellow harbour buoy - east neuk photography
harbour buoy
this is an image of a cloudy sky along coastline looking towards Edinburgh with fishermen's nets in the foreground - East Neuk photography
The view across the Forth of Firth with heaps of colourful fishing nets in the foreground


Thick grey clouds blanketed the sky. However I could see just a few breaks far into the horizon. On clearer days there's a good view over the Forth of Firth. But after all this was the first day it hadn't rained in a week. Dull but at least dry. Furthermore it was good to get outdoors again with my camera. See East Neuk Cottages for further photos.

King James said that the coastline was a fringe of gold on a beggar's mantle.

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21 Responses

  1. Andrea

    Hi Rosie, you are already way-way far from the original blogpost i am introduced in! I appreciate your progress both in real life and in blogposts. I also learn a lot from you and thanks for all those tips. You know Scotland is a dream place for me, so when i posted my very foggy scenes, which seldom happens here in the tropics, i said i am thinking that i am in Scotland 🙂

  2. Raymonde

    Hi Rosie, what a beautiful set! Love anywhere along the coast, so I love all your photos. I really like the lobster pots and nets.

    It looks like a wonderful idyllic holiday, and the quote is entirely apt 🙂

    thanks for the visit, have a great week.

  3. Magdaleena

    Beautiful pictures, Rosie!
    I have allways wanted to visit Scotland, I think my soul would be happy there. Some day I will…

  4. Deanna

    Oh wow, what a lovely, lovely place to visit. The collage is beautiful,along with so many wonderful captures of this place. Thanks for sharing your visit.

  5. Susan

    I loved seeing this collection of seashore shots, from a different seashore than mine. Some similarities, some differences. Your images are wonderful. A stop at your blog is never a disappointment. Happy day Rosie.

  6. Amy

    OH WOW! I so want to go here someday! BEAUTIFUL peacefulness that you have captured! Love the GREEN one! Just beautiful

  7. Kelly

    Oh…this just makes me so excited for my trip up to Canada! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the boats, colors and textures you've shown here today.

  8. Ellie

    Wow Rosie, you got some GREAT shots here. I love them all!!!
    Oh and I saw the eyebrows on that wee boat. :))

  9. Cathy H.

    Oh, wow!! What a beautiful post and gorgeous images!! There's no way I could pick a favorite!!

  10. Ida

    Wow this is a fabulous set. I liked all the photos but was really drawn to the Paint & Green Shots.