East Neuk Cottages

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lots of pink Centranthus growing along the East Neuk Cottages
lots of pink Centranthus growing along the East Neuk Cottages


I've been photographing East Neuk cottages along the Fife coastline. Though I could have chosen a better day as it was very overcast with no blue skies.


Many of the cottages seem to have been built by builders who never used a right angle! They are mostly built on steep sloping confining streets leading down to the sea.


You'll also notice their quirky little windows and well worn steps.  Along with a rainbow of coloured windowsills matching the fishing boats moored up down in the harbour. See more of East Neuk coastline here. 

Built on wibbly wobbly cobbled streets


east neuk well worn steps and quirky windows
well worn steps and quirky windows


east neuk colourful doors and window sills
colourful doors and window sills

Higglety Pigglety East Neuk Cottages

east newk cottages
low ceilings...and I wonder if the floors are spirit level flat?
rusty rails at east neuk
rusty rails

Cottages with Character

cottages over looking Crail Harbour
cottages over looking Crail Harbour
Crail Harbour
Crail Harbour
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7 Responses

  1. Diana Taylor

    Your photos are so beautiful and what a delightful little village – I have been really enjoying seeing those wonderful little cottages – such an idyllic place to live.

  2. Christine

    I didn't realize you lived in Scotland. I LOVE these shots, it looks like such a beautiful place to live! I just took a trip to Ireland, now that I am back America seems so boring…

  3. Michelle Reed

    Wow!! These places look so charming and inviting! I sure would love to visit there and just wander around, soaking up the atmosphere you captured so beautifully!!!

  4. Kimberly

    Oh how these photos make me want to visit there! Love the quaint little cottages! Thank you for sharing your part of the world with us!

  5. Gardening in a Sandbox

    Your photos made me think of all the High streets that we saw several years ago in Scotland and Ireland. I loved the quirkiness of the buildings. I am missing it. Valerie