Using back light in your photos

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Have you thought of using back light in your photos? Sometimes when you're out for a walk you're not actually walking in the right direction for taking photographs...seriously!  huh........what do you mean?

Well this leaf just looked like any other autumn leaf as I walked past it last weekend. But it was only when I turned and looked at it from its other side with the back lighting from the sun that it became alive. From one direction it just looked pale and insignificant. However from the other direction it seemed to be so full of energy and invigorating. The sun's rays certainly gave life to this photograph.

Next time you're out keep an eye on what's going on behind you too...


Using back light to give energy and life to your photos

using back light in your photos
back light on Physocarpus leaves 
using back light on your autumn photos
using back light in your photos: autumn foliage

Despite these images being lovely sooc's  I couldn't help but give them 'a certain something'. I edited in CS5 with Nelly Nero outdoor tints action set (all free!) and made a colour palette.

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3 Responses

  1. Diana Taylor

    Oh Rosie, how do you do it – your photo is beautiful! I wish my attempts last week of photographing sunlight through leaves were half as beautiful as yours. Exquisite.

  2. Rosie Nixon

    Thanks Diana…….I loved how the area around the leaves went so dark due to the metering I was using that day.