The September Garden

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Last month I took you beyond the garden gate to see what was in bloom during August. While now if you walked through that same gate into the September garden you’d think that someone had scattered little pieces of confetti. Flowers that once had their days of glory months ago have now sent out a few late arrivals all over the garden. They all know that a Perthshire winter isn’t that far away and have given me little reminders of how beautiful they once were. These include rhododendrons, geraniums, dianthus, persicaria, spring anemone’s, honeysuckle and roses. They give just a sprinkling of colour in the borders.
While there are plenty of other late summer flowers which dominate  the garden with their seasonal colours. Their shades and hues are predominately pinks, reds and purple with a few splashes of bright yellow as you’ll see from the photos below…

The September Garden

red, pink and white shades of dwarf sweet william on patio - September Garden
The September Garden – patio area
The patio this past weekend with various hues of red and pink dwarf  Sweet William |  Dianthus barbatus in many of the containers along with herbs and dwarf sweet peas.
white and pink Erigeron karvinskianus daisies in flower in the September Garden
Erigeron karvinskianus white and pink coloured daisies spilling over the pot.
red sedum and red stemmed cornus in a container in the September garden
Sedum hugging the edges of the container along with carex grass and red stemmed Cornus ‘Baton Rouge’
golden brown calamagrostis grass heads
Many clumps of Calamagrostis swaying in the breeze against a colourful bokeh
shades of pink, purple in the September garden
Top left : Sedum spectabile  ‘Autumn Joy’ with Pink Asters in the background
Top right: Lythrum  salicaria  (Purple loosestrife)
Bottom left: Astilbe chinensis  var  ‘Pumila’
Bottom right: Sedum telephium  (Atropurpureum Group)  ‘Purple Emperor ‘ with Pink Verbena
shades of pink in the September garden
Left:  Colchicum autumnale
Top right: Lathyrus latifolius  (Cerise pink Everlasting Sweet Pea)
Bottom right:  Teucrium x lucidrys  (Pink Hedge Germander)
pink Cyclamen hederifolium
Pink Cyclamen hederifolium 

yellow Rudbeckia 'Goldstrum' in the September garden

Bright splashes colour from Rudbeckia ‘Goldstrum’  above Geranium ‘Rozanne’.

blue purple Clematis heracleifolia using a Prunus tree for support
Blue Clematis heracleifolia using a Prunus tree for support.
yellow late summer flowering Helenium 'Wyndley'
Yellow Helenium ‘Wyndley’



Finally here’s the birds eye view of part of the September garden…

The September Garden viewed from above
photo taken 15th September 2013  – foliage interest starts to take over from this time onwards


Well that’s unless you’re one of the fledgling pigeons from next door’s tree which are clumsily learning how to fly.  This one hasn’t figured out that kitchen windows don’t move no matter how much you peck and flap your wings at them!

Pigeon fledgling learning to fly
…taken as soon as I heard the commotion with a lensbaby composer pro with single glass optic  (not my ideal choice of lens but that’s what was attached to the camera body at the time)

Scarifying, topdressing and reseeding the lawn has been ticked off the ‘to do’ list – now window cleaning has been added.   Let’s hope their mum doesn’t lay another batch of eggs before winter.

I really hope you enjoyed your little glimpse of my September garden.  As well as the blooms above you’ll need to take a deep breath before you read the following sentence!

Take A Deep Breath About Now…


I’ve also got a few daylilies, gladioli, annual sweet peas, poppies, scabious, buddleia, origanium, anthemis, other clematis, hydrangea, various verbena, prunella, chives, nepeta, diascia, echinops, lysimachia, crocosmia, hebe and gentians in flower along with yellow, peach and white potentillas.  Phew… just far too many photos to share in one blog post 🙂

What seasonal colours are dominant in your garden this month?


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14 Responses

  1. Helena

    You have all the flowers that I love, such beautiful colours. I love the Cornus you have in the pots with the sedum underneath, very clever! Sedum is one of my favourite plants and I could easily fill my whole garden with them. Seeing your autumn Crocus and Cyclamen tells us that it really is autumn. I also like heather (reminds me of Sweden/Finland, and of course it grows well in Scotland). I don't see any in your pots…?

  2. Lee@A Guide to Northeastern Gardening

    Fall is certainly in the air but love those Rudbeckia and Sedum. The temperatures are dropping into the 70's here and the Sedum are well into bloom along with Tardivia Hydrangea which blooms later than the rest. Happy Gardening!

  3. rusty duck

    Your photos are stunning Rosie.
    I also love the cornus/sedum combo and the blue pot sets them off perfectly!
    Great pigeon shots too!

  4. Rosie Nixon

    Hi Helena Thank you very much. I don't grow heather in pots and just keep it growing in the soil in other parts of the garden. I usually only grow the erica types as they are not as fussy about the soil ph unlike the calluna types.

  5. Rosie Nixon

    Hi Carolyn ♥ you're not alone in wanting that. Today was a lovely day for sitting there despite it now officially being the autumn season. You'd have to watch out for low flying pigeons though!