Autumn in Perthshire

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Autumn in Perthshire isn't just about trees and foliage. Despite being known as Big Tree Country you can photograph lots of quirky, whimsical and unusual things too.


In fact it's the 2013 Worldwide Kelby Photowalk today. This year I had the date free. I'd checked and there were a few of the official walks here in Scotland. Though they were much too far for me to travel to. So instead a few others we had our own photowalk.


The sun shone in the morning for a while but as the hours went on dark clouds rolled in and the rain became more threatening. Above me the geese were travelling on their autumn migratory flight path. While out of sight in the tree canopy above I could hear the buzzards calling out.


I am blessed to live in such a beautiful idyllic part of the world.

Perthshire | Big Tree County
Perthshire | Big Tree County
autumn in Perthshire - red sorbus berries above an old painted fence
autumn fruits - red sorbus berries
autumn in perthshire - bird migration
on the move



Two sounds of autumn are unmistakable ...the hurrying rustle of the crisp leaves blown along the street a gusty wind, and the gabble of a flock of migratory geese. ~ Hal Boreland


autumn in perthshire with the red leaves contrasting with the flaking yellow paint from the wooden garage door.
red leaves contrasting with the flaking yellow paintwork on the garage door
autumn in perthshire - an inquisitive pony
an inquisitive pony
autumn in perthshire  - ducks
the ducks got themselves in a bit of a flap

Quirky and Whimsical

autumn in Perthshire - free range eggs for sale
Happy eggs from happy hens!

I walked along the lane pictured in the first photograph to discover an honesty box, free range eggs for sale in an old plastic greenhouse. 80p is a good price for 1/2 a dozen eggs!

autumn in Perthshire - October yellow sunflowers
October yellow sunflowers

Bright and cheery sunflowers greeted many a garden entrance in the village.

bramley apples for sale in aid of Blythswood charity appeal
Bramley apples for sale

While at someone's front door was a box of Bramley cooking apples with some plastic bags. All donations for the Blythswood Shoe Box appeal were to be put through the letterbox in exchange for some of the apples.

growing greenfingers
growing green fingers!

And if you've heard of green fingers well now you can see them 'growing'!

Autumn in Perthshire

unusual item nailed to a telegraph pole
possibly a barometer?

I haven't a clue what this was nailed to a telegraph pole but it reminded me that time was flying and I needed to get back home. It's something I'd expect in a Dali image rather than in the middle of the countryside!

glowing autumnal leaves
glowing autumnal leaves

The light filtered through the leaves. See my tutorial on using back light in your photographs. But I couldn't go home until I'd found some pinecones and wild blackberries.

autumn in perthshire - brown pine cones
pine cones
wild blackberries - autumn in perthshire
autumn fruits
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  1. Andrea

    Hello Rosie, I've been a fixture here in the past, but haven't dropped by lately. It was my loss. I wish to have someone with me do a photowalk in the province some mornings when i go home. Ours might not be as pleasant and easy, but doesn't mean uninteresting. I love the idea of an honesty stall to sell some stuff, it exists here only in the northernmost part of the country in an island called Batanes, that we sometimes call Scotland or Ireland in the Philippines. It is totally unthinkable in the metropolis. Best regards.