Branklyn Garden autumn foliage

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Branklyn Garden autumn foliage
Geraniums in flower in October

Back in October I found myself back among the Branklyn Garden autumn foliage with my camera. It wasn't a particularly sunny day but every so often a little glint of sunlight would pierce through the clouds. Little pockets of foliage would gleam with renewed energy and the colours became so alluring. Autumn sunlight is invigorating. Moreover it has special saturation qualities as it paints vibrancy almost into the very veins of the leaves.

I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers. ~ L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

I've been photographing Branklyn Garden which belongs to National Trust Scotland for over a year and it's a garden that's full of surprises no matter when you visit.

Now it's autumn the focus changes from flowers to foliage. None the less there were still some flowers in bloom like persicaria, toad lilies and hydrangeas. There was a riot of red and orange foliage clashing against the pinkish purple geranium blooms.

Autumn is very forgiving when it comes to colour!

Branklyn Garden autumn foliage colours
panoramic image of Branklyn Garden in autumn

Branklyn Garden autumn foliage colours

This panoramic image shows the top terrace of the rock garden as it slopes down towards the pond. Once the sun came out the orange leafed acers in the background  took on new hues as the light danced through the finely dissected leaves. From the top terrace I looked down and saw an array of autumnal foliage colours. There were leaves to photograph, trees to admire and vistas to stop and pause at.

Colourful Acers

Branklyn Garden autumn foliage
Branklyn Garden autumn foliage, National Trust Scotland.  A place to pause and enjoy.
Branklyn Garden autumn foliage
the spidery framework of acer stems

Ornamental Bark

the ornamental bark from a birch tree
the silver ornamental bark from a birch tree
peeling bark from the paper bark maple at Branklyn
the peeling bark from Acer griseum - Paper bark maple

Pockets of Colour

branklyn garden autumn colour
treescape at Autumn at Branklyn
autumn clearing up at Branklyn Garden
Branklyn Garden autumn foliage, National Trust Scotland

Colourful deciduous Rhododendron leaves

hues from the deciduous rhododendron leaves
colourful deciduous Rhododendron leaves

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13 Responses

  1. Coline

    You were lucky not to have too much sun, looks like you had magical light. I was there a week later on a sunny day when so many of the leaves shown here were shrivelled in the trees or already fallen, your timing was perfect and the images wonderful. it really is a magical small garden.

  2. rusty duck

    Fantastic colours!
    The acers are wonderful of course, and I do like the photo of the Acer griseum branch catching the sun.
    I planted a hardy fuchsia in front of a cornus and this year had a clash of pink and red. It wasn't quite as I'd expected, but certainly arresting!

  3. Janet/Plantaliscious

    Stunning colour Rosie, made my heart sing, not least because autumn has been a little backward in coming forwards in our neck of the woods! Speaking of woods, is there anything to beat acers for autumn colour? Love them.

  4. Larry

    Rosie… what an absolutely stunning series of photos… I have found this to be a wonderful visit to your site! Larry

  5. Carolyn ♥

    You've captured the essence of Autumn in your images, Rosie. The colors are surely my favorites. Sadly our Autumn is now "Fallen" as most of the trees are near bare of their leaves. Strangely we are experiencing warm temps in the 60's… so unlike this time of year.

  6. James Missier

    Its amazing how autumn colours make such a beauty of red, gold and bronze in a unique way.
    And above all – I enjoy seeing time stops and take a peek – especially when I look at the garden through your eyes..
    Totally beautiful.


    Lovely autumn colours, you have captured them so nicely. I love acers, only lack of space in my garden prevents me from having many of them!

  8. Alistair

    Rosie, Branklyn Garden looks like it was planted with Autumn in mind. Only two weeks till we move, wish I had lifted our Acer Griseum .