Verbascum Pink Kisses

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This floral photography subject is called Verbascum Pink Kisses which is known under the common name 'Mullein'. Spires of Verbascum flowers are a beautiful addition in the garden. Provided that you've got the soil that they like! Likewise they give a good vertical structure in the flower border. However it's not a plant that I can successfully grow in my heavy clay soil.


I've enjoyed doing some macro work with this plant during the past week. Though when you get even closer you can see that the flower is like a little cheerleader. The plant has 'little pom pom' details right in the centre of the flower.


 Verbascum Pink Kisses

Verbascum 'Pink Kisses'
side view of Verbascum 'Pink Kisses' flower
Pink Verbascum 'Pink Kisses' macro detail
Verbascum 'Pink Kisses' macro detail

Sometimes it's wonderful how an image can provoke words and thoughts. P Phillips left this comment on my G+ post:

Hand in hand side by side we stroll together,

sweet nothings in my ear. kisses and pom poms

I blush and turn away,

as we muse over the day.

Listening to each other say,

what's dear to the heart,

from the very start,

as we stroll past our favorite spot. kisses and pom poms

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    Rosie, I had to step out of photography and blogging for a couple years, but now I'm back and soooo glad to see you're still here. The poetry P Phillips left for you…what a gift! I'm looking forward to seeing what comes from your mentorship. – brenda