Dancing in the Wind

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I've named this series of impressionist photographs 'Dancing in the Wind' as these flowers are commonly known as Winter Windflowers.


Anemone blanda are spring blooms and flower in shades of pink, blue and white. Furthermore these anemone's start to flower just after the snowdrops, crocus and winter aconites have finished flowering. This selection of floral images was taken from Anemone blanda var. rosea 'Pink Shades'.


In fact they are ever so photogenic!



My Kit


My kit is a lensbaby composer pro with a macro filter or my 90mm macro lens. Actually I'll use either pieces of kit with very shallow depths of field. Usually with the lensbaby I'll shoot at f2.8. Alternatively with the macro lens I'll shoot around f3.2 or f3.5.

pink anemone flowers

They've all been uploaded to my shop over on Crated for international customers. And are available as art prints, framed with or without a matte or on canvas wrap. I took some screenshots to give you an idea of what they look like as pieces of wall art. The images are also available in my fine art shop for UK customers.

dancing in the wind wall art
dancing in the wind framed with matte
dancing in the wind wall art canvas
dancing in the wind canvas
dancing in the wind pink anemone flower framed print
dancing in the wind framed print
pink anemone matte print
dancing in the wind framed matte print





this is a pink anemone canvas print
dancing in the wind canvas
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