Designing with Perennials

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this is an image of Crocosmia at sunset for designing with perennials

Designing with Perennials

There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments. - Janet Kilburn Phillips

If you're like me'll never be able to resist a plant clearance section.  The problem is that I've been at too many plant sales ...can't be helped when it's usually me putting on the reduced stickers! and over the years I've bought too many bargains.  
What design there was in the back garden in relation to texture, shape and colour has become blurred. I got caught in the trap of thinking of flower colour rather than thinking about how each plant could contrast and give interest in the border even when it wasn't in flower. 

Going Back to School

Learning with the Experts asked me if I'd join in with one of their gardening courses in return for writing an unbiased blog about my experience. If you're interested in joining in too you've got a great opportunity. They're doing a 'Back to School' campaign offering 15% off all £145.00 4 week courses in September and October. This would be a great idea for a special birthday surprise for one of those gardeners who 'has everything' . 
I've written previously for Learning with the Experts (originally known as  so I'm very aware of all the great courses they offer with famous named tutors. I couldn't wait to choose!  It wasn't that easy to pick a course as so many interested me especially Clive Nichols' Flower Photography Masterclass , Perennial Planting with Nature with Michael King or RHS Gardening for wildlife, attracting birds, bees and butterflies with Andy McIndoe.  So what did I eventually choose?


Well I'm so excited as my tutor is going to be none other than Dr Noel Kingsbury and I decided to do the four week course Designing with Perennials. I can't wait to put what I learn on this course into practice. Psst don't tell Noel but my garden is based on a design from one of his books ... he wouldn't recognize it though as I never kept to his planting list and inevitably with all those bargain plants ... yip it's bursting at the seams! Speaking of books ...Noel has just brought out a new ebook on Plant Selection: learning from Nature.

So fellow gardeners it's time to reclaim my borders! I'm looking forward to designing with perennials! Though I hope I'll find a home for Crocosmia 'Emily MacKenzie' and a few Deschampsia cespitosa 'Goldtau' as they've been my latest 'acquisitions'. They are not going to be squeezed in!

I'll keep everyone up to date with my progress through my social media updates on Google + and Facebook.

 this is an image of Just one of the wilder forms of Crocosmia that grows in the garden for designing with perennials course
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