Aonach Dubh

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We stopped at Achnambeithach Cottage at the foot of Bidean nam Bian to view Aonach Dubh. It's on the shores of Loch Achtriochtan, along the A82 Glencoe route. In fact you just have to stop the car and get out and admire the lofty mountain grandeur of Aonach Dubh. It's the third of the famous 3 Sisters in Glencoe.


This is the place of adventure and avalanches. It's a place I'm much happier admiring from 'base level'. Unlike those who like to climb the many faces of Aonach Dubh.

this is an image of Aonach Dubh which means Black Ridge
Aonach Dubh means Black Ridge

Achnambeithach Cottage at the base of Bidean nam Bian

this is an image of white ox eyed daisies at Achnambeithach Cottage on the road to Glencoe
ox eyed daisies line the road in July


The cottage sits on the banks of the River Coe where wild flowers line the banks. You can leave the car in the car park and walk over the bridge to the cottage. 

a panoramic photograph from the base of Aonach Dubh
Nature is God's greatest evangelist ~ Jonathan Edwards


This is a stitched panorama from the base of Bidean nam Bian. It's quite spectacular as you view from the cottage upwards towards the highest peaks. 


As I've said so many times before, there are photographers who make landscape photography their main pursuit. They take such stunning sunset or sunrise photos. I'm not one of those photographers. What you see here is what most tourists on this road will see. Though one day I'd love to be here during the golden hour or at sunset.


Blackfaced Sheep

this is an image of a wire fence with lots of sheep wool attached
Blackfaced wool is used as natural thermal insulation in homes
this is an image of Blackfaced sheep
Blackface sheep are able to survive in the harshest of locations


There were many Blackface sheep around the cottage. These hill and mountain grazing sheep are able to cope with the adverse weather conditions in the glen.

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