Impressionist Photography

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Just less than two years ago Pep Ventosa inspired me with his work. I was fascinated by his 'unique view on the world' through impressionist photography. Furthermore I discovered the photo impressionist blog by Stephen D'Agostino. Accordingly I wanted to try something similar with flowers. So much so that my Still in Motion contemporary impressionist photography project began.


Impressionist Photography


this is an image of a blue anemone blanda flower with the hint of a fine art texture done in the Impressionist Photography style.
She is like the wind, open and free - Impressionist Photography

Dancing in the Wind


There was so much excitement among the students in the 2014 G+ Blur and Unsharp Photography Mentorship when I shared my first results. When the mentorship finished for the year I shared my work with the public. As a result it caused a bit of a stir in photo communities such as G+ and Flickr.


That's a bit of an understatement as my inbox was full of inquiries. Moreover it became such a popular topic of conversation. Consequently we had to have a week of assignments in the subsequent 2015 and 2016 mentorships. Ever since I've seen so many others emulate this style with their own floral art.


I created the 'Dancing in the wind' montage series with pink anemone flowers in 2015. Anemone blanda flowers have such character and appeal in front of the camera.


The flowers ...well they're called winter windflowers after all!


This style tries to evoke the movement these pretty flowers make as they get tossed about in the wind in the late winter and early spring days.

the back view from anemone blanda pink flower
She decided to free herself and dance into the wind
a single anemone blanda pink flower - Impressionist Photography
a single pink anemone blanda flower - Impressionist Photography

High Key Impressionist Photography


So for 2016 I created some high key images of the Anemone 'Blue Shades'. Eventually these will have some textures added but for now I'm happy to leave them as they are.

anemone blanda blue shades - Impressionist Photography
breath of life
anemone blanda blue shades - Impressionist Photography
all of a flutter
anemone blanda blue shades - Impressionist Photography
the gentle breeze caresses the petals
anemone blanda - Impressionist Photography
soft whispers



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