Bluebell Woods

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this is an image of rare white bluebells

In the month of May many of the ancient Perthshire bluebell woods have a mesmerizing allure. Everywhere you turn there’s a seamless carpet of azure blue native flowers -  Hyacinthoides non-scripta. They are like a frothy sea surf arising from under the tree canopy.


Furthermore you might even be surprised to find some rare albino white bluebells. They only occur in one in every 10,000 flowers!

A Sea of Blue

As the breeze blows the nodding flowers take on the appearance of hazy blue waves breaking on the woodland floor.

At the same time a sweet perfume infuses the air. It's as if it has even permeated the tree trunks. Likewise waves of scent intensify as the breeze ebbs to and fro through the leafy branches.

this is a panoramic image of my local bluebell woods

Furthermore is it any wonder scenes like this have inspired many an artist, poet and storyteller?

Spurgeon once said 'Nature is a looking-glass in which I see the face of God'.

There's the sound of creaking tree branches and the rustling of leaves as you walk along the little meandering path. In the distance you hear the soothing and relaxing sound of the river gently flowing down below.

A joyous woodland chorus of bird song is giving praise to their Creator in the tree tops above you. Here and there hoverflies hover motionless in mid-air at your knees. While windswept orange tip butterflies try to keep on their original flight path.

In a moment you marvel at your mesmerizing tranquil surroundings. The landscape is so beautiful as you cast your eye over the smudges of blue.

There's no one but you in those woods ... alone with your Creator. In His wondrous creation with the shadows and shifting sunlight filtering through the trees.

Come walk with me through bluebell woods,
and see the proof of God’s sweet love.
Long rays of sunlight trickling down,
among the trees in search of ground.

A piece of heaven here below,
creation at its best on show.
With perfume drifting on the breeze,
to guide us through this deep blue sea.

Bright sapphires dance in flickering light,
while silent butterflies take flight.
And echoes of a distant thrush,
we know that He is here with us.


~ By Elizabeth Mason, KMC

Soft Dreamy Bluebells in Spring

Buying Seed

With this in mind bluebells are a garden worthy UK native.  Consequently they are a good choice for a shady area under trees in the garden. However it's illegal to dig up the plants, pick the flowers or collect the seed from the wild.


As a result you can only buy the seeds from a reputable source online like Scotia Seeds (wildflowers of Scotland). Presently they collect and sell bluebell seed from carefully selected sites in Scotland under licence from the Scottish government.

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4 Responses

  1. elaine

    There is nothing like a bluebell wood, they take your breath away. Beautiful video Rosie just beautiful.

  2. ann

    Hello Rosie. I did not know that albino-ism occurred in plant life. The blue bells are gorgeous. I'd love to stroll through the woods with you to enjoy them, as well.Your video conjures up images of fairies. Or is it the music–love the music. I am going to track it down to add to my iPod, if I can.

  3. Kalantikan

    Hi Rosie, i am so honored to have found your blog years ago. Your photos are so inspiring, mesmerizing and really so full of drama and mystery sometimes. I can totally soak myself in your gallery and be mystified by all those pictures. And you are also a very generous and kind blogger friend. Thank you so much.