Scott Kelby’s Photowalk

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reflection of Kinnoull Church with autumn leaves floating on the surface of the water seen on Scott Kelby's Photowalk

At long last there was a Scott Kelby's Photowalk in Perth. I was so excited about joining in as it's the largest global social event for photographers each year. As a result there were 21,311 photographers from across the world participating last Saturday on 985 walks. Likewise it was great to be a part of such a large event.

The worldwide photowalk is a free event where photographers of all levels gather and literally walk around with their camera. We walk, chat, stop, take some photos, then walk to our next stop. Then as we wait for the others to catch up we share the shots we've already taken on our LCD screens. 

It's a good social activity that can be lots of fun as you get to chat to others with the same hobby.

To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.  ~ Elliot Erwitt

Scott Kelby's Photowalk Route

Our walk in Perth was hosted  by Cat Burton and I went with an autumn theme in mind. The weather was so kind to us and it was a lovely afternoon to go for a stroll. We started at the Ferguson Gallery across from the River Tay. Crossed over the Tay railway bridge and walked along the Sculpture Trail to Rodney Gardens and Norie Miller Gardens. Finally for those who stayed a bit later there was some street photography in town. I know the route very well and knew that there would be lots of autumn colour along the way.

a dress in a shop window along the Scott Kelby's Photowalk route

the view from the railway footbridge across to the Ferguson Gallery as seen on Scott Kelby's Photowalk

Scott Kelby's Photowalk - a view over to St Matthews church in Perth from the River Tay and seen on Scott Kelby's Photowalk

a slow shutter image of the River Tay in Perth on the Scott Kelby's Photowalk

Millias Viewpoint

millias view point Perth seen on Scott Kelby's Photowalk

This redstone sculpture made in 1997 is called Millias Viewpoint. Beyond the Frame Millias Viewpoint Perth seen on Scott Kelby's Photowalk

heather gardens perth seen on Scott Kelby's Photowalk

See also my photos from Millias Viewpoint and the Autumn Leaves sculpture from a few years ago.

Scott Kelby's Photowalk Autumn Theme

 Euonymus alatus winged spindle tree leaves seen on Scott Kelby's Photowalk

maple tree winged seeds seen on Scott Kelby's Photowalk

red autumn leaves with backlighting seen on Scott Kelby's Photowalk

red autumn leaves seen on Scott Kelby's Photowalk

soft leaves against a bokeh of colour seen on Scott Kelby's Photowalk

pink autumn leaves seen on Scott Kelby's Photowalk

 Euonymus alatus winged spindle tree dark pink autumn leaves seen on Scott Kelby's Photowalk

red autumn maple leaves seen on Scott Kelby's Photowalk

Shooting With Purpose

steps and autumn leaves on Scott Kelby's Photowalk

I took one dslr and one lens with a fixed focal length - Canon 5dmIII and a 50mm f1.4 lens. Moreover I knew this would force me to shoot with more intent. Never mind have less weight to carry in my camera bag.

Every so often I'd think oh if only I had such and such a lens. But I quickly put that out of my head. I kept reminding myself that being restricted to one lens helps you grow as a photographer. 

I also pressed that shutter with purpose. Gone are the days when I'd come home with a memory card full of images.

Discretion is key these days and I make a very conscious decision of when to shoot and when not to shoot. As a result after a good afternoon of socialising I also came home with many more keepers. Though to tell the truth I did more talking than shooting!

Take a look at what else is going on!


Latest News: During the past month I was asked to be one of 16 experts sharing a few of my tips on wildlife gardening. Other experts were RSPB, Woodland Trust, Wildlife Trust, Bumblebee Conservation, Buglife etc.

Thompson & Morgan have also featured my website as one of their 7 favourite Scottish gardening blogs.


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