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Over autumn I spent many weekends at the Scottish National Heritage Battleby office in Perthshire. However as the weeks went by the effects of the frosty weather made finding good leaf subjects to photograph tougher and tougher. The Scottish National Heritage Battleby grounds haven’t been given over to utter wild abandonment but nurtured in a way that still allows nature and its natural processes to unfold unhindered. The woodland has an untamed character and appeal of a bygone era. Untouched in so many ways with its mature tree specimens and very old rhododendrons.

Scottish National Heritage Battleby in Autumn

I can spend hours at Battleby with my camera. The mood changes throughout the day as the light sifts through various parts of the woodland. I watch and follow the light as it dances and flickers through the trees. It’s so fluid, always in motion and ever so atmospheric. It’s where shades of green give way to a kaleidoscope of colours that never stay the same from one day to the next.  For me Autumn is a fleeting and transitory phenomena.  It won’t be long before the trees are bare and this glorious colour is just a faint memory. There’s to be no delay, it’s just got to be seen, felt and captured through a union with the photographer and the scene.

Scottish National Heritage Battleby grounds in autumn

Scottish National Heritage Battleby grounds –  a garden landscape with majestic silver leafed conifers burning with pockets of autumn colour.

The Experience of Seeing and Feeling

But rather than capture autumn landscapes I want to capture concepts, feelings and express the meaning of words through my images. It’s all to do with the experience of seeing and feeling.

golden acer leaves at Scottish National Heritage Battleby

Bold, brave and daring leaves on fire in a triumphant golden blaze.

red acer leaves at Scottish National Heritage Battleby

An energetic and warm glowing fire with red leaves that flicker like playful and spirited flames.


When I’m out with the camera I’m lost in that present moment and I fully immerse myself into the experience of seeing. I don’t go out with a list of images that I want. I just wander around, chasing the light. For me that is freedom. Freedom to explore and freedom to expect the unexpected. I’m never looking for anything in particular. I never put myself under any pressure to click the shutter button for the sake of capturing just something. I’ve learned to wait patiently or else move on a little further. The experience of seeing can never be forced. I’m always being receptive to the light, shadows and textures that surround me. But I know that once I see that unique decisive moment – that’s it. The connection is made. I’m totally absorbed by the scene and I let it sink in. The Adrenalin flows as I explore it more intensely, and we unite. What an experience it is to see, feel and then unite!


You can read more about How to capture Autumn here.

acer autumn foliage leaves at Scottish National Heritage Battleby

Still embracing the comforting and tender beauty of autumn. Maple leaves dressed in warm hues of pink and red together with sprinkles of shimmering gold.

golden foliage in autumn at Scottish National Heritage Battleby

The final few maple leaves anticipating their travel of liberation, falling one by one to wherever the reckless breath of the wind blows.


Back light is one of my favourite kinds of light for capturing those feelings. The light shining from behind through those translucent, colourful leaves makes them glow. They feel so alive, so impulsive and provocative. In contrast walk around to the other side of the tree and the same leaves can look so drab, vulnerable, shy and hesitant. You’d never guess the leaves were on the same tree. The soft back light brings glory and optimism to the leaves. Highlighting their textures and their opulent tints of red, orange and gold.


You can explore more about Using Back light here.

autumn colours of foliage at Scottish National Heritage Battleby

The dynamic and intoxicating colours of foliage.


Finally the photographer and the scene unite. You’ll never forget a good photograph. Where you took it, the emotions that stirred it or the message it speaks. It’s with you for the rest of your life!

foliage leaves grouped together in autumn at Scottish National Heritage Battleby

Stickability! Drawn together  – close, warm, comforting and reassuring. Touch your dreams, hold on tight and don’t let go!


‘Say It With Flowers’ Exhibition by Rosie Nixon

Say It With Flowers Exhibition by perthshire floral photographer Rosie Nixon
Say It With Flowers Exhibition

I’ve some really exciting news!

My first solo exhibition ‘Say it with Flowers’ commences from 1st – 26th February at Close Photography Gallery, 4b Howe Street, Edinburgh, EH3 6TD.

There will be around 37 of my floral images on display in various sizes as limited edition signed prints.

Check out the website for opening hours or ring 07740 870579 as they vary! You’re very welcome to pop in and see my images.

Close Gallery from now on will be the main distributor of my work globally.

“Rosie Nixon produces beautiful floral studies with a feminine sensuality. With a background in horticulture she has a much deeper understanding of her subject matter and her appreciation of the beauty in each season.” ~ Chris Close

close photography gallery edinburgh

Click here to read more details about the exhibition opening night





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Rosie is a garden photographer, writer and nature lover. She enjoys soaking up nature and is easily distracted from doing the weeding by anything that flutters, flies, buzzes, creeps or crawls! She enjoys sharing the beauty of creation through her photography. Rosie has been featured on TV on BBC2's The Beechgrove Garden and she uses the outdoors as her natural light studio. Her work can be seen at one of Scotland's only photography galleries - Close Gallery, 4b Howe Street, Edinburgh.

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