Photographing Ivy Leaves

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There isn’t much foliage to photograph here in winter except for ivy leaves. However there’s always plenty of evergreen ivy leaves scrambling over old tree trunks and through the hedgerows. Therefore it makes a great subject to photograph. Especially when … Continued

Photographing Ladybirds

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2014 was the year for photographing ladybirds.  Moreover I’d never seen quite so many of these little native 7 spot beetles – Coccinella 7-punctata before in the garden.   When I was pruning the Potentilla fruticosa hedge after the winter I found quite a … Continued

April photos from Branklyn Garden

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Today I’m sharing some April photos from Branklyn garden that I took back in spring. There still were daffodils and hellebores in flower. Along with many rhododendrons, azaleas, erythroniums, trilliums, daphnes, viburnum, muscari.  And much more that you’ll see as … Continued