Using back light in your photos

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Have you thought of using back light in your photos? Sometimes when you’re out for a walk you’re not actually walking in the right direction for taking photographs…seriously!  huh……..what do you mean? Well this leaf just looked like any other … Continued

Want Tack Sharp Images?

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Beauty in Decay Colour palette : Chrysanthemum x superbum ‘Snowcap’ Want tack sharp images? Here are my photography techniques for achieving tack sharp images in-camera along with details of a free photoshop action.   Fluctuating temperatures along with frost and … Continued

Fix Colour Casts on Images

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Wild Native Perthshire Comfrey Flowers – Symphytum officinale Here’s one of my photography tutorials  on how to fix colour casts on images …   The light was simply glorious and I knew I didn’t have much time before it would … Continued