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Scottish National Heritage

Over autumn I spent many weekends at the Scottish National Heritage Battleby office in Perthshire. However as the weeks went by the effects of the frosty weather made finding good leaf subjects to... READ MORE

Photographing Garden Birds

I started photographing garden birds in my early blogging days. Back in 2010 and 2011 I'd take snapshots of the birds that visited the feeders. But I was never happy with those images.... READ MORE

Scott Kelby’s Photowalk

At long last there was a Scott Kelby's Photowalk in Perth. I was so excited about joining in as it's the largest global social event for photographers each year. As a result there... READ MORE

Curb Appeal

I've got a fascination with quaint and whimsical things. Their aesthetic components captivate me and my curiosity and imagination are just let loose.   It's made especially easy when you visit places like... READ MORE

Taking Flower Multiple Exposures

  Finding New Ways To Express Your Creativity! Flower multiple exposures are a good introduction to the world of blur. There is predictably with these initial techniques and it isn’t as challenging as... READ MORE

Growing Pulmonaria

Growing Pulmonaria in Scotland is easy! They will grow in sun or shade. As ground cover or beneath trees and shrubs. Just as long as the soil isn’t too dry. Infact they are unfussy plants... READ MORE