A Perthshire Bluebell Wood Video


Take a stroll into the deep blue yonder. A sea of blue carpets this ancient Perthshire bluebell wood in Spring each year. You cast your eye over the smudges of blue across the landscape. As the breeze blows the flowers take on the appearance of hazy blue waves breaking on the woodland floor. What a privilege it is to witness this solitude scene every year. It awakens your heart with pure joy! 


A sweet perfume infuses the air. You marvel at your mesmerizing tranquil surroundings. There's no one but you in those woods. You are alone with your Creator ... in His wondrous creation with the shadows and shifting sunlight filtering through the trees. All of nature declares the Glory of God!

This is a fun whimsical view of the UK native 7-spot ladybirds that I photograph each year. Did you know that ladybirds have moustaches? You can even count the hairs in my photos.  My work covers hours spent observing and enjoying a little wonder of creation.

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I enjoy capturing grand designs in nature.  I photograph the light as it illuminates simple things like decaying leaves, papery petals and seed heads during the winter months. The light turns something that most think of as dead into something quite so beautiful.

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When you stumble across a very rare sighting of a bee-fly sleeping while hanging upside down. Or the rare visit of a small copper butterfly into the garden. Moments that just take your breath away. I am captivated, excited and inspired by those serendipitous moments.

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The grass withers, the flower fades, But the word of our God stands forever ~ Isaiah 40:8