this is an image of a wildflower daisy in summer

You can grow many Scottish wildflowers in the garden. Indeed they don't just have pretty flowers but are also good for encouraging pollinators into the garden. Furthermore they also can grow in difficult garden conditions where other fussier plants would refuse to grow. In fact rabbits and deer usually avoid wildflowers.

You can also grow wildflowers that are not native in the UK for example borage and Carlina thistles. The borage will self seed but I find it very easy to manage. Just be careful as its fine hairs irritate sensitive skin. 


I'm not so sure where the term UK Garden Worthy Natives came from. In all honesty I might have even made it up myself. But one thing is for sure if you are going to grow these in your garden you might need to be a diligent dead header. In other words some wildflowers can become too content in the garden. Not letting them go to seed or growing them in a container to keep their roots under control might be advisable.

"Weeds are flowers too ... once you get to know them" ~ A A Milne
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Scottish Wildflowers

These are just a few of the Scottish wildflowers / UK Garden Worthy Natives that I've written about:


I grow borage, a few different types of toadflax, foxgloves, teasel and orange hawkweed. Ahh hawkweed!  Enjoy the flowers ...however you must plant this with caution.  Nevertheless I planted it in the garden. Subsequently it spread too much so it ended up in a container.  But seeds would still germinate in the border and I'm still trying to remove pieces!  Eventually during the Summer of 2016 the contents of the container went into the bin. In other words it's just too invasive.



this is an image of orange hawkweed - Hieracium auranticum

Suppose She's A Wildflower!

this is an image of wildflower snowdrops

this is an image of wildflower bluebells in May

this is an image of a bee flying in mid air towards borage flowers




Incidentally you need to be careful in Perthshire bluebell woods.  We have brought home many unwelcome visitors. Ticks! Never wear sandals but keep your trousers trucked into your boots.  Moreover check your clothes and your body once you arrive home.  Likewise it's good to keep a tick remover in the house. (Follow NHS instructions on tick removal.)



Scottish heather Calluna vulgaris carpets the landscape each year.

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