The garden

...had a bit of a rabbit problem!

When we moved here in Spring 2001 the front garden was full of top soil with plenty of builders rubble underneath. The first thing we did was to sow some grass seed. Secondly shape the borders and add a few plants. Then wait for the rabbits to graze it!  Delighted rabbits indeed!  All in all they enjoyed some late night snacks at my expense!  As a matter of fact those rabbits gave me such a headache in the early years.  Moreover if the rabbits didn't like the top growth then they would dig up the plant and eat its roots instead.  

In time more neighbours arrived and so too did their cats.  As a result we finally had the rabbit situation under control. The ducks are still with us though much fewer in number!

Being on a building site meant that it was easy to find large boulders. In fact I created some feature stone work in the scree beds. Very often I'd have the digger bring the big boulders from elsewhere on the building site!  I planted the area under the Weeping Silver pear tree once the rabbit population dwindled.  While I added gravel to the scree areas and eventually ended up with just one lawn!


Blogging begins

...the start of a new adventure!

It was only after this stage in 2009 that I started to write a blog. I now regret not doing it earlier as there was so much planning and excitement in the earlier years. I mainly write about things that happen in my own garden. As a result not every plant that grows in the UK will get a mention here. However as I'm in the horticultural business I'm used to working with a wide variety of plants. I give lots of gardening advice daily and much of what you'll read can be always be adapted to your own garden.   


What's Next?