this is an image of the papery dry petals of a hydrangea flower in the winter sunshine

During the cold dark days of December, January and February any winter flowering plants are a welcome sight in Scotland. Here in Perthshire our winters sometimes don't even begin until February.  


Moreover the plants can be lulled into a false sense of security. Especially if the weather has been mild up to that point in the calendar.


I even 'stretch' the meaning of winter flowering to include winter garden interest from seedheads, catkins and ornamental bark.  For example the lunaria and carlina seedheads. The buds from the Corylus contorta catkins. Then there's peeling bark from the paper bark maple. The cork bark from the winged spindle tree along with the coloured stems from the dogwood. They all give good winter interest ...especially with a dusting of frost.

He gives snow like wool; He scatters the frost like ashes. ~ Psalm 147:16
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Winter Flowering Plants



  • I have 4 hamamelis growing in the garden. They are excellent winter flowering plants / shrubs. Moreover everyone recognizes their lovely intricate spidery winter blooms. But did you know that witch hazels have exploding seedheads?



  • Snowdrops feature not only in my garden but are also Perthshire native flowers.  Did you know that snowdrops have antifreeze qualities?

this is an image of witchhazel jelena with a dusting of snow on its orange yellow ribbon like flowers


Seasonal Colours

this is an image of the red berries covered in snow fromVaccinium vitis-idaea 'Red Candy'


Scoliopus bigelowii in flower in March


  • What red winter interest plants have you got growing in your garden for seasonal colour?  I have two red dogwoods - Cornus 'Baton Rouge', a cowberry - Vaccinium vitis-idaea 'Red Candy' and Leucothoe fontanesiana 'Rainbow'.
  • We're used to seeing the odd primula flower in bloom in our gardens even during the winter months. For example Primula 'Gigha' is one of those winter flowering plants. Moreover it originates from one of the Scottish Islands on the West Coast.
  • Winter on the Wane - when the first of the species crocus - Crocus chrysanthus start to flower in the garden.


During the winter months we all value having a few colourful houseplants in the home.  Many of you that know me 'in person' will be aware of how many Poinsettia's (Euphorbia pulcherrima) I have to look after every year commercially. I've trained many people on their care. With regards to this here is some guidance on how to look after them in your own home:


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