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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Do you appreciate the little things in life?

It's the 21st January.  Snow blankets the garden like a thick white woollen shroud. The thermometer reads -6.8°C and daylight has finally arrived.  It's time to layer up and get out into the winter garden.  With every step you take there's a distinct crunch.  The air feels thick, raw and piercing.  It chills to your very bones.  You inhale and the lining of your nose starts to sting. You exhale and your breathe lingers in the air like fog. 

Thickly gloved hands clumsily try to adjust the legs on the tripod.  It's no use ...the gloves have to come off as I manually adjust my equipment and camera settings.  Brrrrh ...what I am doing outside at 8 am with a camera?


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