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Erigeron karvinskianus

The only way I can fully describe Erigeron karvinskianus is to use words like splendorous, billowing, myriads, festooned and floriferous. These little daisies might look like distant cousins of the daisies that you... READ MORE

Practical Photography Interview

Earlier in the year I was asked to do a Practical Photography interview.  I've read the Practical Photography Magazine on many occasions so it was very exciting knowing that my work would be shared worldwide in... READ MORE

Bluebell Woods

In the month of May many of the ancient Perthshire bluebell woods have a mesmerizing allure. Everywhere you turn there’s a seamless carpet of azure blue native flowers -  Hyacinthoides non-scripta. They are... READ MORE

Impressionist Photography

Just less than two years ago Pep Ventosa inspired me with his work. I was fascinated by his 'unique view on the world' through impressionist photography. Furthermore I discovered the photo impressionist blog... READ MORE