Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Perthshire Bluebell Woods

In the month of May many of the ancient Perthshire woodland glades have a mesmerizing allure as a frothy sea surf arises from under the tree canopy.  Everywhere you turn there’s a seamless carpet of azure blue native bluebells (Hyacinthoides non-scripta) and you might even discover one of those rare albino white bluebells which only occur in one in every 10,000 flowers!

a rare albino bluebell
a rare albino bluebell

Monday, 15 February 2016

February in a Perthshire Garden

It's been a long dark Perthshire winter but on cold days like this we are blessed with glorious blue skies and light wispy cloud formations that stretch across the skyline.  My long lost friend - sunshine has made its presence felt again as it tracks its course just above the horizon line. The evenings are noticeably longer and it's lovely to see many of the flowers glow each morning and evening as they catch the first and last rays of light. 
Lenten rose glowing at sunset
Lenten rose glowing as it catches the final rays of sunlight in the garden 
I'm aware that it's been a long time since I last posted here.  As much as I enjoy being out in the garden I really appreciate the rest over the winter months.  Since doing the naturalistic garden design course Designing with Perennials with Dr Noel Kingsbury I've spent lots of time drawing plans for my new design. 

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Going Back to School with

Crocosmia at sunset
Crocosmia at sunset
If you're like me'll never be able to resist a plant clearance section.  The problem is that I've been at too many plant sales ...can't be helped when it's usually me putting on the reduced stickers! and over the years I've bought too many bargains.  What design there was in the back garden in relation to texture, shape and colour has become blurred. I got caught in the trap of thinking of flower colour rather than thinking about how each plant could contrast and give interest in the border even when it wasn't in flower. It didn't really bother me when when I took so many macro photographs ...but nowadays I want to 'see more of the frame' rather than just a little bit of the detail in my photos; I want to be happy with what I can see from either the lounge or the kitchen sink too.  I was going to be 'reclaiming back the design' this autumn but didn't a wonderful opportunity end up in my inbox a few weeks ago; I certainly couldn't resist this!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

ParkHead Gardens Perth

A visit to Parkhead Gardens in Perth one August evening

Parkhead Gardens

For years I'd been telling Maddy that I'd visit her garden - Parkhead Gardens in Perth; every year it would go on my 'to do list' ...but it never happened.  It's not as if it was on the other side of the country as it's practically on my own doorstep.  

Gasp ...I can't believe it took me so long but I finally made the arrangements.  Checked the weather forecast as it's been a very dull and wet summer here; the date and time were set; there was no turning back now!  

I already knew from chatting to Maddy and visiting her website that she has a beautiful garden. 
Parkhead Gardens has featured in many magazines, gardening books and a BBC camera crew have been along too. 

What I didn't expect was my reaction when I arrived ... 

Friday, 3 July 2015

Light up your garden with Candelabras

growing candelabra primroses
photo taken at a friends garden
Primulas were once just flowers that I associated with late winter / early spring.  When I was growing up primroses and polyanthus grew prolifically in my grandad's garden.  They were one of the first flowers I grew myself as a child; the first plants that I learned how to divide and transplant ...with great results; with very forgiving leaves and roots around a gardener with little fingers.   Little did I realise back then how diverse the Primula family really was! Years later I grew them from seed after giving the seeds 'a taste of winter' in my fridge. But it wasn't until I moved to Perthshire that I had the opportunity to grow lots more hardy Primula species.  Ones that would flower not only in early spring but well into July September!