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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Going Back to School with

Crocosmia at sunset
Crocosmia at sunset
If you're like me'll never be able to resist a plant clearance section.  The problem is that I've been at too many plant sales ...can't be helped when it's usually me putting on the reduced stickers! and over the years I've bought too many bargains.  What design there was in the back garden in relation to texture, shape and colour has become blurred. I got caught in the trap of thinking of flower colour rather than thinking about how each plant could contrast and give interest in the border even when it wasn't in flower. It didn't really bother me when when I took so many macro photographs ...but nowadays I want to 'see more of the frame' rather than just a little bit of the detail in my photos; I want to be happy with what I can see from either the lounge or the kitchen sink too.  I was going to be 'reclaiming back the design' this autumn but didn't a wonderful opportunity end up in my inbox a few weeks ago; I certainly couldn't resist this!


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