Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The April Garden

a ladybird about to fly off my hand

It's April and the garden finally is bursting into life.  As each week goes by less and less soil is visible as green starts to become the predominate colour again.  April is always blustery here and with every gust a little more of the Cherry blossom is carried across the garden like confetti. As well as cherry blossom in the air so too are the bees, bee -flies and ladybirds while the bats have started their night time sorties again.  

Glorious sunny days also bring frosty nights and there's always the threat to the camellia flowers and plum blossom.  Weather forecasts are never missed!  Ghostly outlines ...thankfully not too often can be seen at twilight as I shroud the at risk blooms in fleece in the hope that our future harvest of fruit will be protected. 

Monday, March 31, 2014

The Golden Days of Spring

The golden days of Spring
Yellow and gold dominates my garden at this time of year while neglect often rules it.  Truth be told I'd rather be sitting in the spring garden with the camera instead of weeding.   Though I must admit that a little bit of sunshine and heat goes a long way.  It can even entice this lady outdoors without the camera and get on with a few gardening jobs. 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Floral Eye Candy in March

what is in flower in the garden in March
March is synonymous with blustery and breezy days.  There's the stirring of new life and dew wet mornings.  The sap is rising and buds are swelling.  Frosty mornings give us a nip in the air. While a little warm sunshine coaxes the flowers to open and encourages the bees out of their winter slumber ...along with the gardener!

I'm never all that sure when to start calling it Spring.  As far as the UK Met Office are concerned we're already in spring but astronomically we've still got to wait another 5 days  for the equinox.  Here on the blog I use the meteorological seasons dividing each year into 4 equal season of 3 months each.  So whether it's still late winter or early spring with you - here in Perthshire we've had some lovely spring-like weather.  Even the native dandelions, coltsfoot and lesser celandine have started to flower in the hedgerows  While here in the garden there's lots of floral eye candy appearing ...


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