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Sunday, January 18, 2015

If you were a ladybird where would You spend the winter?

Winter has finally made it's presence felt in the garden.  It's the time of year when you realise that wellie boots are not the best item of footwear to wear while out in the garden. There's nothing worse than numb cold toes to entice you back indoors to the heat!

At the weekend I wrapped myself up in lots of warm layers.  I put on 3 pairs of thick socks - in wellie boots much too big for me.  Two pairs of trousers, a hat with ear muffs, gloves, snood and coat.  l was well prepared this time for the bitter cold as I knew that the Jelena witchhazel and a few hellebores would be in flower and I wanted to see their progress.

witch hazel and hellebore flowers in January
even the winter flowers can be somewhat colour co-ordinated ...P'orange - purple and orange!

My main intention though was to take some abstract motion shots of decaying flower stems to make into nature photo montages you do when there's little else to photograph.  

...but what I ended up photographing was entirely unexpected!


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